Fable: Demon Door Guide – Locations and Solutions

Fable: Demon Door Guide - Locations and Solutions

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While playing the absolutely fantastic game Fable, you’ll stumble upon these mischievous fellas called Demon Doors. They’re like those friends who guard their snacks with their lives, except these doors guard treasures. And let me tell ya, the stuff hidden behind these doors is worth the challenge they throw at you.

Here’s the deal: each Demon Door has a requirement you need to fulfill to make it swing open. Some are easier than others, but trust me, the rewards are worth it.

But before we dive into the door-opening extravaganza, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’ll be revisiting the original Fable game. And in honor of this momentous occasion, we’ve given this guide a fancy makeover for your reading pleasure. You’re welcome!

Without further ado, let’s open some Demon Doors!

The Library Arcanum

The Library Arcanum
  • Location: Heroes’ Guild, near the Will area.
  • Door Description: “Your path is dark. Only a light will reveal it. And you are not bright enough.”
  • How To Open: Turn on the lamp in your inventory. Just make sure you haven’t accepted the “Try to Stop Jack of Blades” quest.
  • What You Get: Making Friends book, Book of Spells, Howl Tattoo, Elixir of Life.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum
  • Location: Greatwood Gorge.
  • Door Description: “This is the deal. You perform an act of great evil in my sight, and I’ll pop open.”
  • How To Open: You have three options here:
    1. Be 100% evil.
    2. Murder multiple people in front of the door.
    3. Eat 11 Crunchy Chicks. But wait! Before you do any of that, talk to the door first (unless you’re playing Fable Anniversary, where the doors are all eyes-open from the get-go).
  • What You Get: Wellow’s Pickhammer (a legendary pick hammer with 120 damage and a value of 29,400 gold).

Darkwood Sanctum

Darkwood Sanctum
  • Location: Darkwood Marshes, Darkwood region.
  • Door Description: “Beware, traveler – I block the way to all but the most combat-hardened. If you request, my Guardians will test your mettle in combat. Meet their challenge, and the reward I hide is yours.”
  • How To Open: Show off your combat skills by defeating waves of summoned Hobbes.
  • What You Get: Dark Will User’s Outfit (an evil outfit that’s oh-so-stylish).

The Old Kingdom Spring

The Old Kingdom Spring
  • Location: Barrow Fields, between Darkwood and Oakvale.
  • Door Description: “Oh no, not again—another bony adventurer seeking to plunder my riches. I’m not interested in your ’meagre frame. Get some meat on you! I want beefy! Blubbery! Plump! Porcine! Stop being a slave to public perception, and ’treat yourself. Pies, meat, beer, anything, but lots of it! Eat yourself large, and you’ll be welcome here!”
  • How To Open: Eat until your character becomes obese. It’s like a cheat day, but with a purpose.
  • What You Get: Will Master’s Elixir (increases available mana for Will attacks).

The Secret Haven

The Secret Haven
  • Location: Rose Cottage, Greatwood.
  • Door Description: “I never open on a first date. My heart has been broken too many times before. I could only let someone who really loved me through.”
  • How To Open: Show your love by either gifting roses or chocolates, or going all-in and proposing. Just beware, the proposal option is quite expensive.
  • What You Get: Bright Will User’s Outfit (a magical outfit that protects against pesky magic attacks).

The Butterfly House

The Butterfly House
  • Location: Greatwood Caves, Greatwood.
  • Door Description: “I need to see your Combat Multiplier get higher before I swing ajar.”
  • How To Open: Speak to the door again when your Combat Multiplier reaches 14 or higher, and voila!
  • What You Get: Cutlass Bluetane (a legendary cleaver with 165 damage and a value of 40,425 gold).

Witchwood Cavern

Witchwood Cavern
  • Location: Witchwood Stones, Witchwood.
  • Door Description: “I only open to those who know my name. If you know it, find and hit the magic stones to spell it out. Only one person knows my name, but I doubt you’ll find him. Even at the Temple of Avo.”
  • How To Open: Hit the stones to spell out the word “Hits.” No need to go on a wild goose chase for the door’s name.
  • What You Get: Health Augmentation, chainmail leggings, gems, and books.

The Hidden Copse

The Hidden Copse
  • Location: Knothole Glade, Witchwood island, south of the shooting range.
  • Door Description: “If you can hurt my face with an arrow, I’ll crack wide open for you.”
  • How To Open: Shoot an arrow directly at the door’s face using a longbow or crossbow with ebony quality or higher. Alternatively, use the multi-arrow spell or cast a level three fireball at the door’s face.
  • What You Get: Elixir of Life (a handy potion that helps regenerate health).

The Bitter Shrine

The Bitter Shrine
  • Location: Abandoned Road.
  • Door Description: “What? Oh. You’re not one of them, are you? My eyesight’s not what it used to be. One was a gallant knight. His plate armor was so shiny. Probably what did my eyes in. Then there was an evil mage, wore the darkest magical robes you ever saw. The last was a rogue – a bandit bit like the chaps here.”
  • How To Open: Wear the Bright Plate Outfit and talk to the door. Then switch to the Dark Will User’s Outfit and speak to the door again. Finally, wear the Bandit Outfit and have one last chat with the door.
  • What You Get: Dollmaster’s Mace (a legendary mace with 135 damage and a value of 33,075 gold).

Gibbet Woods

Gibbet Woods
  • Location: Headsman’s Hill, northwest of Gibbet Woods, south of Lychfield Graveyard.
  • Door Description: “Only by defeating another Hero in combat will I open for you—got that? I mean, how simple are you?”
  • How To Open: Defeat Thunder during the “Mayor’s Invitation” quest. But remember, if you choose to spill the beans about Lady Grey’s misdeeds and not marry her, this door becomes off-limits.
  • What You Get: Mana Augmentation (charges mana faster), Thunder’s Helmet, and a Silver Key.

The Lost Garden

The Lost Garden
  • Location: Grey House, Lady Elvira Grey’s residence.
  • Door Description: “Single men not allowed. You need a ball and chain. A posh one with a title.”
  • How To Open: Marry Lady Grey, and this door will be more than happy to welcome you. But if you decide to break her heart and skip the marriage part, well, the door will show you the cold shoulder.
  • What You Get: Ronok the Axe (a legendary axe with 165 damage and a value of 43,424 gold).

Old Graveyard Path

Old Graveyard Path
  • Location: Lychfield Graveyard, just outside the gates.
  • Door Description: “Leave me alone, you organic pustule. I only open for Nostro, the ancient guardian of the door. Not for you. And not for that rancid gravekeeper.”
  • How To Open: Find and collect the pieces of Nostro’s armor, and restore them to his skeleton. Piece of cake, right?
  • What You Get: Access to the Old Graveyard Path and the Bargate Prison.

Prophets’ Chamber

Prophets’ Chamber
  • Location: Lookout Point.
  • Door Description: “You bear the mask of Jack of Blades. The Prophets had foreseen the coming of such a legend among Heroes. The rise of the summoners in the Northern Wastes marks the arrival of a new threat to all things living. We have long dreaded this portent. Behind my walls lies the Fire Heart. There you will speak to the Prophets who watch over it. You may enter now. But beware of the beating of the Heart. It has burned many before you.”
  • How To Open: Alright, you can enter the door, but you’ll face a puzzle to free or kill the imprisoned Prophets. Choose your path wisely, my friend.
  • What You Get: The Fire Heart (a quest item that summons the Ship of the Drowned).

Bleached Bone Island

Bleached Bone Island
  • Location: Necropolis.
  • Door Description: “I never wanted to be a Demon Door. All this waiting around. All the riddles. It’s no life. Oh, if only I’d been born a Silver Key chest. I just love those little Silver keys. So shiny…So silver… I’d do anything for some of my own. Give me yours, please? I’ll let you through and everything.”
  • How To Open: Give all your Silver Keys to the door. But don’t worry, if you don’t have any keys, the door will understand and open up anyway. How kind!
  • What You Get: Bereaver (a legendary greatsword with 285 damage and a value of 69,825 gold).

The Desolate Abbey

The Desolate Abbey
  • Location: Darkwood Bordello, Darkwood.
  • Door Description: “It’s a hard life being a stone door. You know when I last had a physical relationship? No? Try ‘never.’ So, I’ve decided to live vicariously. Now, I only open to ‘men of the world,’ and I’m afraid you haven’t even left the house yet. Come back when you’re a real stud.”
  • How To Open: To become a “real stud,” you’ll need to engage in some spicy activities—yepp, have sex ten times. The door will swing wide open for you then.
  • What You Get: The Pimp’s Hat (a flamboyant hat for those who want to rock the swag of a true player).

And there you have it, my fellow adventurers! The secrets of the Demon Doors are now yours to explore. Get out there, open those doors, and claim your well-deserved treasures. Happy gaming!

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