Exoprimal’s Roadmap Explained: A concise guide

Exoprimal's Roadmap Explained: A concise guide

Exoprimal: Where Dinos and Tech Collide!

Welcome to the crazy world of Exoprimal, where dinosaurs and advanced technology meet in epic battles! Picture this: teams of five brave warriors clad in exosuits, ready to take on hordes of AI-controlled dinos in exhilarating war games. The main game mode, Dino Survival, offers a thrilling experience with variable missions and different ways to conquer the city-style maps and combat test scenarios. But hold on tight because Exoprimal’s roadmap promises even more excitement with seasonal content updates every three months!

As an Xbox Game Pass day one release on July 14, 2023, Exoprimal has already captivated gamers with its dino-slaying extravaganza. But what lies beyond the current horde-filled adventures? Fear not, dear fans, for the future of Exoprimal is brighter than a meteor strike! With content updates just around the corner, you won’t have to wait long to sink your teeth into fresh and thrilling experiences.

Exoprimal’s Season 1 Roadmap: Bring on the Gauntlet!

The upcoming season 1 updates, kicking off on July 28, will introduce a brand new game mode called Savage Gauntlet. This challenging mode seems tailored for the most fearless of players, referred to as “Veteran Exofighters.” Rumor has it that to unlock this end-game content, you’ll have to face the final boss battle and emerge victorious. Get ready for a time-competitive mode packed with intense 5-player missions and ever-changing weekly rules. Are you up for the challenge?

Introducing the Exosuit Alpha Variants!

But wait, there’s more! Season 1 of Exoprimal also brings an exciting addition to the exosuit arsenal. Say hello to the 10 Exosuit Alpha Variants, arriving on the scene on August 16, 2023. These variants offer a fresh twist to the default exosuits, presenting unique abilities and weapons to enhance your dino-slaying skills. Brace yourself for the alpha variants:


  • Deadeye: Swap your trusty Ravager assault rifle for a shotgun with a burst fire mode.
  • Barrage: Blast your enemies away with a chargeable rocket launcher and rocket-jump like a pro.
  • Zephyr: Unleash shootable energy halos from your arm chakrams.
  • Vigilant: Lock and load a semi-automatic rifle for precise single-shot takedowns and improved maneuverability.


  • Roadblock: Equip yourself with an arm-mounted shotgun, deployable shields, and an explosive arm-mounted shield that obliterates nearby foes.
  • Krieger: Wield a massive and intimidating chargeable shotgun.
  • Murasame: Freezing waves of ice will give your enemies a chilling reception.


  • Witchdoctor: Heal your teammates while dealing damage to your foes with the multifunctional duality beam.
  • Nimbus: Rain down destruction with two types of shotguns.
  • Skywave: Electrify your enemies with Thunderclap, a paralyzing ability that even features a chargeable bolt.

Season 2 and Beyond: Collaborations and Uncharted Territory!

Prepare for the excitement to continue in Exoprimal’s season 2, arriving around October 2023. Get ready for a new Ocean Platform map, fresh rigs, modules, and an epic final mission. But here’s the jaw-dropping news – Exoprimal is crossing paths with Street Fighter 6! Yes, you heard it right! Expect to see robotic versions of Ryu and Guile strutting their stuff in the game. Get ready to customize your Exofighter with Street Fighter 6-inspired exosuit skins. Who wouldn’t want to go dino-slaying in style?

Season 3, launching in January 2024, promises to unleash even more surprises. Brace yourself for Exosuit Beta variants and the arrival of a Neo Triceratops dinosaur. And hold on tight because Exoprimal has its eyes set on a crossover with the legendary Monster Hunter franchise! Just imagine the possibilities: Monster Hunter-themed skins or even dino foes from the iconic games. With secret updates waiting in the wings, who knows what other thrilling adventures Exoprimal has in store?

Start Your Exofighter Journey Today!

Get ready for the ultimate dino-slaying experience in Exoprimal, available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Don’t miss out on this adrenaline-fueled journey where dinosaurs and technology collide! And if you’re already fantasizing about future crossovers, check out our article on Street Fighter crossovers that should happen after Exoprimal. Happy hunting, Exofighters!