Exoprimal: Defeating the Neo T. Rex

Exoprimal: Defeating the Neo T. Rex

Exoprimal: Taking on the Neo T. Rex, and Living to Tell the Tale!

Neo T. Rex

If you thought the regular T. Rex in Exoprimal’s Dino Survival mode was tough, just wait until you face off against the Neo T. Rex! This colossal beast is on a whole other level, and taking it down requires skill, teamwork, and a lot of firepower.

Dealing Damage To The Neo T. Rex

To effectively damage the Neo T. Rex, you’ll need to target its glowing pustules. These pesky orbs not only quadruple your damage output when hit, but destroying all of them will expose a fleshy lump inside the beast’s mouth. Hitting this vulnerable spot deals even more devastating damage!

So, always aim for those pustules if you want to score big and defeat this monstrous creature. Just don’t randomly shoot at the Neo T. Rex; precision is key. While any Exosuit can handle the task, some are better suited for the job than others.

— |
Neo T. Rex |
### Recommended Exosuits |
– Skywave: Fly above and outmaneuver the Neo T. Rex’s attacks.

  • Krieger’s Shield Dome: Protect against the Neo T. Rex’s slime attack and hover to avoid its other strikes.
  • Vigilant: Target pustules easily, hit hard, and avoid attacks with leaping abilities.
  • Witchdoctor: Paralyze the Neo T. Rex, create distance, and provide healing support.
  • Murasame: Counterattack pustules during the tailspin, but stay clear of the beam attack! |

Neo T. Rex’s Moves

The Neo T. Rex has a range of powerful attacks that can make quick work of unsuspecting players. Here’s a breakdown of its standard moves:

  • Bite: Just like its regular counterpart, the Neo T. Rex will try to take a chomp out of you. Watch out!
  • Tail Whip: This devastating 360-degree spin attack hits any surrounding Exosuits. Jumping over the tail is your best bet for survival.
  • Fire Breath: The Neo T. Rex can unleash a concentrated beam of fire that pierces through shields. Dodge by leaping over the flames and attack from behind.
  • Shaking Tremor: The Neo T. Rex violently shakes, launching blobs of goo. Use barriers or keep your distance to avoid the ensuing explosions.

But the real challenge lies in the Neo T. Rex’s super attacks:

— |
Neo T. Rex |
### Neo T. Rex’s Super Attacks |
The Neo T. Rex has three devastating attacks that cover the entire arena. Here’s how to survive them: |
Vomit Flames: Seek refuge on top of tall columns to avoid the scorching stomach fluid. Hop from column to column to stay safe.

  • Roar: When the columns start rising, and the Neo T. Rex glows purple, it’s about to unleash a mighty roar. Get behind a pillar for protection. Stay cautious and differentiate this attack from the vomit flames.
  • Black Hole: If raised platforms appear, quickly take cover behind them. The Neo T. Rex will create a destructive black hole. Deal enough damage to its vulnerable mouth to interrupt this attack. |

By following these strategies and utilizing the right Exosuit, you’ll increase your chances of survival and emerge victorious in your battle against the Neo T. Rex. Good luck, Exoprimal heroes!

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