Exoprimal adds new end-game PvE mode next week

Exoprimal adds new end-game PvE mode next week

Exoprimal: Get Ready for Some Dino-Mite Updates!

There’s a rumbling in the gaming world as Exoprimal unveils exciting new additions that will have players roaring with joy. In their latest Steam update, Capcom spills the beans on the upcoming free Title Update 1, set to launch on August 16th. Brace yourself for a prehistoric party, because this update brings not only new end-game modes and maps but also “Capcom collabs”!


But wait, there’s more! The Exoprimal community team couldn’t contain their excitement as they thanked players for their incredible support since launch. They spilled the beans on a second, undated Title Update, promising a brand-new map, rigs, modules, and an epic final mission. As if that wasn’t enough to make you roar, a third update will introduce beta variant exosuits and the legendary Neo Triceratops!

And that’s not all – Capcom has some surprises up its sleeve. Get ready for a clash of titans as Exoprimal gears up for not one, but two Capcom crossover events. We can expect to see the incredible worlds of Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter collide with the dino-infested universe of Exoprimal! It’s a match made in gaming heaven, but alas, no firm details or release dates have been revealed yet. Hold onto your controllers, folks – the excitement is building!

But that’s not all! Get ready to unleash your primal prowess with the new “dynamic mode” coming your way. Starting July 28th, veteran players will have the chance to team up and face the ultimate challenge in the Savage Gauntlet. This pure PvE mode will put your skills to the test in thrilling, rotating weekly missions. It’s just you, your team of five, and those magnificent dinosaurs. No rival Exofighters, no dominators – just you and your trusty exosuits. Prepare for some nail-biting action as you aim for the top of the leaderboards and conquer endgame content that’s designed to push you to the limit!

Exoprimal has certainly made an impression on the gaming community. In our Eurogamer Exoprimal review, we couldn’t help but appreciate the game’s clever PvPvE balance and the way it evolves as you progress. However, we felt that after 15 hours, the well-worn pieces shuffled a bit too much. Still, with a subscription model, Exoprimal is truly dino-mite. So get ready to embark on a thrilling prehistoric adventure and show those dinosaurs who’s boss!