Epic CEO discusses Travis Scott’s potential return to Fortnite

Epic CEO discusses Travis Scott's potential return to Fortnite

Epic Games CEO Welcomes Travis Scott Back to Fortnite

image: Fortnite Travis Scott

In a surprising turn of events, Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, has expressed his openness to artist Travis Scott returning to Fortnite in the future. As we all know, Fortnite has become notorious for its celebrity collaborations and pop culture references. Travis Scott was once one of the game’s most iconic skins, but was controversially removed following the Astroworld Festival tragedy in 2021. However, it seems the tides are changing, and Scott may have a chance to make a glorious comeback.

Scott’s initial inclusion in Fortnite was a no-brainer. As a popular musical artist, he was among the first real-world celebrities to join the vibrant world of the game. It made perfect sense, considering his ubiquitous presence at the time. From massive brand deals with McDonald’s to Reese’s Puffs, Travis Scott was everywhere you looked. But sadly, all good things must come to an end, and his association with Fortnite was severed amidst the fallout of the tragedy.

But wait, there’s hope on the horizon! Recently, a fan reached out to Tim Sweeney on Twitter, asking about the possibility of another Fortnite and Travis Scott collaboration. Sweeney responded with a simple yet impactful statement: “Travis Scott is welcome in Fortnite.” While he clarified that he isn’t privy to the specific details of future brands or celebrities coming to the game, his words have sparked excitement among both Fortnite and Travis Scott fans worldwide. Could this mean a potential return of the beloved artist?

image: Travis Scott In-Game Concert

Travis Scott’s recent album, “Utopia,” dropped on July 28, reigniting curiosity about his relationship with Epic Games. The release of his previous album, Astroworld, was accompanied by a groundbreaking in-game concert that took Fortnite by storm. Naturally, fans are wondering if another virtual concert is on the horizon, showcasing the latest collection of Scott’s infectious songs.

It’s important to note that Travis Scott faced significant backlash following the Astroworld Festival tragedy. Detractors placed blame on him for the overcrowding that resulted in the unfortunate deaths of concertgoers and the injuries suffered by many others. However, in a turn of events, a Texas grand jury ultimately cleared Scott of any wrongdoing in June 2023. This development adds another layer of intrigue to the potential collaboration between Scott and Fortnite.

Don’t forget, Fortnite is available on Mobile, PC, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So, no matter your preferred platform, you can join the frenzy once Travis Scott makes his triumphant return.

video: Astroworld Festival

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Stay tuned for the latest updates, and let’s hope for a Travis Scott comeback in Fortnite that’ll shake us to our gaming cores!