Dolphin emulator won’t be available on Steam.

Dolphin emulator won't be available on Steam.

Nintendo Deep Sixes Dolphin Emulator’s Steam Release

Image: Nintendo via Dolphin Emulator Project

Oh boy, do we have some news for you gamers out there! The highly anticipated release of the Dolphin emulator on Steam has been thrown overboard like a barrel-kicking gorilla. The developers of Dolphin, the software that lets you play your favorite Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your trusty PC, have run into a sea of issues, thanks to Nintendo and Valve.

In an announcement that felt like a punch to the gut, the creators of the Dolphin Emulator Project officially confirmed that their dreams of a Steam release have been torpedoed. Apparently, Valve’s legal department reached out to Nintendo, and that’s when things started to go south. Nintendo, being the big meanies they sometimes can be, asked Valve to block the emulator from being released on Steam. They cited the not-so-friendly Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) as their reason, claiming that Dolphin violated their “proprietary cryptographic keys” by decrypting the ROMs of GameCube and Wii classics. Ouch!

Now, let’s pause for a moment and do a little fact-checking. The Dolphin team did admit that a teeny-tiny part of their code might be related to gooey circumvention stuff, but come on, Nintendo, does that really matter? Apparently, it does. They don’t seem too keen on the idea of third-party emulation of their beloved consoles and games. Boo!

Valve, being the gatekeepers of Steam, told the Dolphin team to make nice with Nintendo if they wanted their emulator added to the Steam store. The Dolphin team took this request very seriously, probably because Valve’s legal wording was scarier than the game over screen on Dark Souls. And to nobody’s surprise, the whole negotiation with Nintendo thing quickly sank like the Titanic.

But fear not, fellow gamers! All hope is not lost. The Dolphin team may have abandoned their plans to release on Steam, but they’re not ready to let their efforts go to waste. Some of the exciting features developed for the Steam version will still see the light of day. Hooray for the silver lining!

For all you eager beavers out there, Dolphin is still available for download via their website and works like a charm on Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs. So, don’t let Nintendo’s grumpy attitude rain on your parade. Grab the emulator, fire up your favorite titles, and let the gaming adventure begin!

Remember, Valve holds the reins when it comes to their store, and they can set whatever conditions they fancy. But let’s face it, with Nintendo’s longstanding grudge against emulation, the Dolphin team sees Valve’s requirement to get approval from Nintendo for a Steam release as likely as finding Nessie in a bathtub. Darn it, Nintendo! Why can’t we all just get along in gamer heaven?

In the end, it’s safe to say that Dolphin’s journey to Steam was sunk faster than a rusty old ship in a stormy sea. But as true gamers, we’ll keep playing on, making the most of what we have. So long, Dolphin on Steam. You were loved, even before you set sail.