Divinity 2: Best Gift Bags for Every Playthrough

Divinity 2: Best Gift Bags for Every Playthrough

Fun and Interesting Divinity 2 Gift Bags to Freshen Up Your Gaming Experience!


Divinity: Original Sin 2– where the only thing harder than facing the Magisters is deciding which gift bag to choose! These awesome, game-altering gift bags were added by the developers to add a little spice to your adventures. So, if you’re tired of the vanilla game and craving something fresh, dive into the magical world of gift bags!

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15. Nine LivesPrevents your furry friend from an early grave 💔

During your escapades in Fort Joy, you’ll stumble upon a mysterious black cat. These cute feline creatures don’t exactly spill the beans about themselves, but let’s just say they have a target on their back. The Magisters are superstitiously hunting them down! It’s heartbreaking to see these innocent creatures face an uncertain fate, especially when you want to uncover their true identity (and nab the summon spell!). Luckily, the Nine Lives gift bag comes to the rescue, ensuring that this black cat won’t kick the bucket even if you did nothing wrong! Phew, now you can sleep at night knowing your furry companion is safe and sound. 😺

14. Combat RandomizerPrepare for bizarre and unexpected encounters! 😱

The name says it all: the Combat Randomizer gift bag adds a touch of unpredictable chaos to your battles. Imagine fighting an enemy who can suddenly break into song or launch squirrels at you – yes, you read that right! While this mod can be a little nerve-wracking for those who prefer a more linear gaming experience, it’s perfect for spice lovers and outside-the-box thinkers. So, wave goodbye to predictable encounters and get ready to embrace the madness! 🤪

13. Herb GardensGrow your own magical greens! 🌿

After going through intense combat encounters and gripping plot twists, sometimes you just need to relax and unwind. Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers a delightful distraction with the Herb Gardens gift bag. Cultivate your own greens, in-game that is. While it can be a tad tedious at times (hey, gardening isn’t all sunshine and rainbows), the joy of harvesting your very own stash of magical herbs is worth the effort. This is just the kind of recreational activity your battle-weary soul needs!

12. Animal EmpathyTalk to animals, no Pet Pal talent required! 🐾

In the base game, if you wanted to have a heart-to-heart with animals, you had to invest a talent point in Pet Pal. But what if you want to spend those points on something else? Fear not, dear adventurer! The Animal Empathy gift bag allows you to chat with animals without the Pet Pal talent. Now you can engage in a riveting conversation with a chicken or negotiate with a squirrel without sacrificing precious talent points. Commence your Dr. Doolittle roleplay now! 🐥

11. Fort Joy Magic MirrorSay goodbye to character design regret! 🔮

Ah, character creation, where every choice feels like life or death—until you change your mind ten minutes later. In the past, if you wanted to revamp your character, you’d have to start from scratch. The horror! But fear not, because the Fort Joy Magic Mirror gift bag is here to save the day. This magical mirror, found in the Fort Joy Arena, allows you to give your character a complete makeover. From a simple change in appearance to a full-blown stat switcheroo, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild! ✨

10. From The Ashes/Source MeditationResurrect allies and recharge source points, all in one!💥

Forget those tedious resurrection scrolls and source points scarcity! The From The Ashes gift bag improves the player’s bedroll, effectively turning it into a resurrection device. Now, when a party member dies outside of combat, you can use the bedroll to bring them back to life. It’s like a magical snooze button, but for your fallen allies. And that’s not all! Source Meditation, another fantastic gift bag, amps up your bedroll even further. Now it can also restore those precious source points. Beauty sleep never felt this good! 💤

9. Enhanced Spirit VisionSee spirits and solve mysteries, with a dash of convenience! 👻

Once you leave Fort Joy, the spirits of Rivellon come out to play, offering quests and valuable information along the way. These spectral beings are essential, and missing out on interactions with them is a big no-no. Enhanced Spirit Vision allows you to keep your spirit-detecting goggles on indefinitely. No need to reactivate Spirit Vision every time you need to talk to a ghost or solve a puzzle. It’s a convenience-packed gift bag perfect for the busy adventurer on the go! 👻

8. HagglersSpread the wealth of bartering! 💰

Traditionally, one poor soul in your party had to carry the burden of bartering while the others stood by, twiddling their thumbs. But no more! The Hagglers gift bag lets you share the love (and bartering skill) with your entire party. Boost one character’s bartering skill, and suddenly everyone gets to enjoy the sweet rewards. Say goodbye to awkward group negotiations and hello to equal opportunity bartering. Now that’s what we call teamwork! 💪

7. Sourcerous SundriesSay hello to new traders, and goodbye to old equipment! 💼

As you navigate through Fort Joy, Driftwood, The Lady Vengeance, and Arx, you’ll encounter some pretty cool NPCs – the new vendors added by the Sourcerous Sundries gift bag. These magical shopkeepers offer an exciting array of upgraded materials to enhance your existing equipment. It may come with a hefty price tag, so make sure to bring your gold pouch. Remember, these upgrades are leveling up alongside you, so you’ll always be at the cutting edge of fashion and power! 💪

6. Endless RunnerRun Forrest, run! 🏃

Who wants to be confined to walking when you can be the Flash of Rivellon? The Endless Runner gift bag grants you the Fleetfoot ability, allowing you to dash across the world at lightning speed. No more tedious hikes or slow jaunts from point A to point B. Activate Fleetfoot and feel the wind in your hair as you zip through the game world. After all, why walk when you can run, right? Usain Bolt, eat your heart out! ⚡

5. Improved OrganizationFinally, an organized inventory! 🧺

If you affectionately refer to your inventory as “the black hole of despair,” the Improved Organization gift bag is your new best friend. No more rummaging through that chaotic mess of loot! Your items are magically sorted into tidy bags based on their types. No more wondering where you put that precious ring or that stack of cheese. It’s an organizational paradise that will make your inner control freak sing with joy. So long, untamed inventory! 👜

4. Divine TalentsUnleash your inner divinity with new talents!

Creating a new character should be a time of excitement, not monotony. Make way for the Divine Talents gift bag, which introduces a host of shiny new talents to your repertoire. From soul-stealing abilities to turning fallen comrades into zombie buddies, these talents add fantastic variety and flavor to your gameplay. Break the mold, experiment with new builds, and let your imagination run wild. The power is in your hands! ✨

3. Pet PowerSupercharge your summons with an infusion of awesomeness! 🐉

Summoners, rejoice! If you’re tired of being a one-summon wonder, Pet Power is here to add some extra oomph to your pet party. In the base game, you could only bless your Incarnate with an infusion, leaving other summons feeling left out. But with this gift bag, you can infuse power into all your fuzzy (or scaly) companions. Imagine a bone-chilling Bone Widow or a Fire Slime that can really ignite the battlefield. Embrace the full potential of your pet menagerie! 🐾

2. Crafter’s KitCrafters, assemble! It’s time to expand your inventory! 🔨

Who needs to drop a fortune on fancy gear when you can become the ultimate crafting connoisseur? The Crafter’s Kit gift bag adds a plethora of delicious new crafting recipes to your arsenal. Forge unique weapons, enchant powerful items, and brew potions beyond your wildest dreams. With this gift bag, your imagination is your only limitation. So unleash your inner blacksmith, alchemist, and wizard, and create a legacy worthy of the gods! 🔥

1. 8 Action PointsTake charge with extra action points! ⚔️

Combat can be a tough battlefield to navigate, but fear not, brave adventurer! The 8 Action Points gift bag gives you and your allies an extra boost in the heat of battle. It’s like having a divine energy drink, but without the sugar crash. While you still start each turn with four action points, you can save up to eight instead of six. So unleash your devastating combos, rain down spells, and conquer all your foes with an extra pep in your step. Victory is yours to seize! 💥

So there you have it – a tantalizing selection of gift bags that will breathe new life into your Divinity: Original Sin 2 experience. Each bag brings something unique to the table, guaranteed to sprinkle some magic and excitement into your gaming sessions. From talking to animals and growing magical herbs to revamping characters and expanding your crafting arsenal, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to dive into the wonderful world of gift bags and make your own mark on Rivellon!


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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.