Disney Illusion Island: Thief #2 Boss Fight Guide

Disney Illusion Island: Thief #2 Boss Fight Guide

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In the enchanting world of Disney Illusion Island, you’ll find an array of incredible Abilities that will help you explore, gather Collectibles, and tackle challenging puzzles and boss battles. Although combat is not a part of the game, you’ll need to use your platforming skills to conquer each boss that stands in your way.

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To acquire the coveted Tome of Botany, you must take down Thief #2 by cleverly utilizing all the Abilities you’ve acquired so far. Overcoming a series of mini-puzzles and challenges will deal damage to the boss and eventually lead to their defeat.

Thief #2: Phase One Guide

Thief #2: Phase One

The first phase of the Thief #2 boss encounter revolves around your mastery of the Swing Ability, with some assistance from the Wall Jump and Glide Abilities. This phase serves as a warm-up for what lies ahead in the subsequent phases.

Phase One: Part One Guide

Phase One: Part One

In this initial section, you’ll come across a series of four hooks. These hooks allow you to swing back and forth over a beautiful rainbow pattern beneath them. Don’t worry, there are no active threats during this part—it’s simply meant to familiarize you with the mechanics of the encounter.

At first, the hooks will be non-interactive. However, when the boss casts ice on all four hooks and a rainbow pattern appears beneath them, it’s your cue to start swinging. Use your Swing Ability to break the ice and unleash your full potential.

Pro Tip: Feel free to swing from one hook to another even after breaking the ice to truly grasp the mechanics and gain confidence!

Phase One: Part Two Guide

Phase One: Part Two

In the second part of the first phase, Thief #2 summons two plants on the arena floor, one on each side of the center. These plants periodically unleash spikes high into the air, only to have them descend back down towards the plants.

The layout of the hooks and the stage remains the same, but now you must also dodge the spikes launched by the plants. Luckily, their trajectory is easy to predict, and you can avoid them without compromising your swinging skills.

Pro Tip: Keep swinging from one hook to another, adjusting your jumps to avoid the spikes. Break the ice on all four hooks once again, and you’ll progress smoothly to the next part of the encounter!

Phase One: Part Three Guide

Phase One: Part Three

After dropping the second rock on Thief #2’s head, you’ll enter the final part of the first phase. At this stage, Thief #2 summons a line of spikes in the middle of the arena, while the plants from the previous round remain active.

Fear not, your strategy remains unchanged from the previous part. The spikes in the center won’t hinder your ability to swing from one hook to another. Stick to your plan, break the ice on all hooks, and prepare for the next phase!

Thief #2: Phase Two Guide

Thief #2: Phase Two

With the first phase conquered, Thief #2 spices things up by altering the arena’s layout, introducing new threats to keep you on your toes. Thankfully, there are also two Hearts available to replenish your health if needed.

Phase Two: Part One Guide

Phase Two: Part One

In phase two, an elevated floor appears in the center of the arena, flanked by plants that launch spikes into the air, similar to the previous phase. However, the platforms on the sides are now Venus Fly Traps, which snap shut when stood upon, causing damage.

Don’t worry though, once you grab onto a hook, the Venus Fly Traps and rolling enemies will be out of your reach. Jumping from hook to hook becomes a breeze, giving you the advantage you need to overcome this challenge.

Pro Tip: Start on the right side of the stage, jump to the center hook, then proceed to the lower or upper hook on the left, and finally reach the remaining hook with ease!

Phase Two: Part Two Guide

Phase Two: Part Two

In the second part of phase two, Thief #2 summons spikes beneath the Venus Fly Traps, trying to up the stakes. However, your strategy doesn’t need to change at all. Stick to your previous path and ignore the spikes beneath the Venus Fly Traps.

Keep swinging from hook to hook, and you’ll soon break the ice once again, bringing you closer to victory!

Phase Two: Part Three Guide

Phase Two: Part Three

The third and final part of phase two introduces a new twist. The plants now fire spikes upward as their previous spikes descend, leaving a smaller window to pass over them unscathed. However, with some patience and precise timing, you can conquer this challenge.

Stick to your trusted strategy, follow the same path from hook to hook, and leap over the plants’ spikes when the timing is just right. You’ve got this! Just remember to seize the opportunity when the ascending and descending spikes reach their climax near the middle of their trajectories.

Keep an eye out for further brief moments like this, and you’ll successfully overcome this phase, just like the previous ones!

Thief #2: Phase Three Guide

Thief #2: Phase Three

The third and final phase of the Thief #2 battle presents the most challenges and variations. However, your goal and strategy remain consistent throughout. Unfortunately, no Hearts are available during this phase, so be sure to stay attentive and make every move count. The good news is, there’s only one round to tackle.

Phase Three: Final Part Guide

Phase Three: Final Part

The final phase consists of four hooks split into pairs on each end of the arena, stacked on top of one another. The spiked floor, rolling enemies, and absence of platforms make this phase more challenging. But fear not, our recommended strategy will guide you through!

Before the hooks become active, two air streams will appear on either side of the center stage. Utilize your Glide Ability to ascend these streams, being wary of the spiked rocks climbing alongside you.

Perch atop one of the air streams and glide upward as soon as the hooks activate. This strategy will allow you to bypass the initial wave of rocks and effortlessly knock out two hooks without breaking a sweat. Then, return to the center of the arena.

When you spot an opening in the air streams, take the opportunity to soar to the top-most hook and swing until you break the ice. From there, drop to the hook beneath and shatter the final ice block, ultimately bringing down Thief #2!

Pro Tip: Always start with the top hook, then drop down to the one beneath. Avoid the need for tricky wall jumps or using the air stream again, as we don’t want to put you at risk unnecessarily.

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