Disney Dreamlight Valley: Guide to Achievements/Trophies

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Guide to Achievements/Trophies

Disney Dreamlight Valley Achievements: A Fun-filled Journey in the Magical Valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

When Early Access was released back then, Disney Dreamlight Valley had no achievements available for players. They have since added achievements for platforms that support them such as Steam. Now you can get a sense of accomplishment in more ways than one while playing.

Generous > The Generous achievement requires you to give out 540 gifts to your villagers. 500 is a big number which is why not everyone has gotten this achievement yet. Giving gifts to your villagers is a way to level up their Friendship Level, so it is important to do this regardless of the trophy.

Despite the necessity of gift-giving, 540 gifts are more than what is necessary in-game. To give villagers a gift, you must talk to them and select the dialogue “I have something to give you.” You can give villagers anything you want, but the best way to make the most of it is by gifting villagers their daily favorite gift.

Renovator > The only way to progress in the game and expand the valley is by recruiting and unlocking new characters. Unlocking new characters and bringing them to the valley means that they need a place to stay. Renovator requires you to build 12 houses for friends.

When you bring a new character into the valley, sometimes you will need to craft them a house before they can move in. After completing their initial quest, their house should be in your Furniture Mode menu. Once placed, you will need to interact with the construction sGameTopic to pay it off.

Banker > This is a hefty achievement. Banker requires you to have collected around 1,800,000 Star Coins at least once. You do not need to have exactly 1,800,000 Star Coins in your inventory for this achievement to pop. You only need to have acquired that much throughout your time in the valley.

The playerbase has found that the best way to earn a lot of money is by pumpkin farming. Pumpkins are the most expensive crop and the crop that sells the most. Since crops grow faster when planted in their native land, everyone’s hack is to plant pumpkins all over the Forgotten Lands and sell them once ready.

Gardener > Gardening should be one of your daily to-do’s. Not only is farming rather calming, but it is one of the main ways that people earn money when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. To get the Gardener achievement, you need to have harvested 4,500 vegetables.

You can purchase vegetables from any one of Goofy’s Stalls in any biome. Planting crops in their native biome will allow them to grow faster so that you can harvest at a faster rate. You can also craft a Growth Elixir at a crafting table that will increase the speed at which plants grow, temporarily.

Photographer > Screenshotting in the game with your platform’s main screenshotting tool may be easier, but you must use the in-game camera feature to get this achievement. Photographer requires you to have taken 50 pictures with your camera.

To use your camera, enable your wheel of tools and select the phone. Press the interact button to begin posing for a photo. This is an easy achievement to acquire because you can just spam 50 photos at once.

Valley’s Helper > You have to have unlocked all of the biomes in the game in order to get this achievement. At the start of the game, you only have access to the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

There will be ramps going up and down in the corners of these biomes that are blocked off. You must pay a certain amount of Dreamlight to unlock the next areas. Dreamlight is earned by completing Dreamlight Duties or by crafting using Dream Shards.

Goofy’s Investor > Unlock all of Goofy’s Stalls to acquire this achievement. Goofy will have one stall per biome, not including the Plaza. Goofy does not have a stall for the Plaza.

Each one of Goofy’s Stalls sells crops native to that biome. These stalls are also where you go to sell goods or junk. In order to unlock all of his stalls, you will have to have unlocked every biome.

Constructor > The Constructor requires you to completely upgrade your player house. To upgrade your own house, you need to interact with the Scrooge construction sGameTopic outside of your house, by your front door.

Each time you upgrade your house, the price will increase. Only the exterior and bottom, main floor will slightly change. You will have to save a lot of money up in order to upgrade your house fully. You also cannot customize the exterior of your house without a fully upgraded house.

Bestest Friend > The only way to get this achievement is by acquiring 15 Best Friends. Of course, everyone in the valley is already your friend. To get them to become your Best Friend, you need to maximize their Friendship Level.

Upgrade villagers’ Friendship Levels by helping them with their side quests and giving them gifts. Level ten is the maximum Friendship Level for villagers. Only after finishing their Level Ten Quest, will they be your Best Friend.

Chef Cook > Another hefty task, you must cook 900 meals in order to get this achievement. The best way to get started with this trophy is by adding cooking to your daily tasks.

Instead of mindlessly cooking things, you can make it a goal to serve customers in Chez Remy every day. Serving food at Chez Remy also gives you some Star Coin for your trouble.

Miner > You have to mine 1,800 times in order to get the Miner achievement. Mining refers to any rock in a wall, in any biome as well as the Vitaly’s Mine.

The best way to maximize your progress with this achievement is by mining rocks daily. It will be worthwhile because you can stock up on stone and gems for future quests or crafting.

Duty Bound > Duty Bound shouldn’t be troubling to complete. You have to complete 1,100 Dreamlight Duties. Usually, you will find yourself completing duties on accident since most of them are casual tasks such as talking to someone or selling goods.

You will find yourself progressing with this trophy in no time. By pressing escape, you can view your Dreamlight tasks for the day and your progress for the longer tasks.

Angler > Angler is one of the more tedious achievements. It requires you to catch 1,800 fish in your valley lifetime. Fishing is not a quick task. You have to get the right spot, win the mini-game, and continue for over 1,000 more times. That is a lot of clicks.

It will take longer to complete this achievement. Daily fishing will help and also line your pockets with Star Coin. This is definitely an end-game achievement.

Thorn Cleaner > Thorn Cleaner requires you to remove 3,000 Night Thorn. It is the only achievement with such a high number. Every other trophy does not require you to do something over 2,000 times.

Luckily, Night Thorn spawns daily. Just like weeds in Animal Crossing, you will have to put in an effort to remove Night Thorn because it is never-ending.

This is one of the few instances where it is good to stop playing for a while because once you come back from a break, there will be more Night Thorn waiting for you than if you were to log in every day since it accumulates.

Chit Chatter > Last but not least, Chit Chatter requires you to have started 1,000 Daily Discussions. A Daily Discussion is when you ask a villager how their day was, or start a casual conversation with them.

To have a Daily Discussion, you must choose the dialogue option that asks a question. It should be underneath the quest-related dialogue at the top, but above the dialogue to gift them something.

Once you select this dialogue option with say, Merlin, you cannot have a discussion with him again until the next day. Make sure to talk to all of your villagers daily to get this achievement progress up.

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