Diablo 4: The Mystery of Faded Plaques

Diablo 4: The Mystery of Faded Plaques

There are plenty of secrets to discover as you explore the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. From hidden Lilith Altars to secret chests, you’re always rewarded for searching the various craters and crevices found throughout the world.

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Faded Plaques are strange statues that you may find as you explore. Written upon these statues is a faded inscription that suggests you do something, but it isn’t always clear what. Below, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about Faded Plaques and how to solve their riddles.

What Are Faded Plaques?

Faded Plaque

Faded Plaques are statues that can randomly appear throughout the world at certain predetermined locations. Below each Plaque is a highlighted circle that makes identifying them a bit easier. If you inspect the statue, you’ll see a broken sentence of words that present a riddle for you to solve.

By solving this riddle, you’ll gain a temporary buff. The type of buff received also depends on which emote you use to solve the Faded Plaque. Additionally, the duration of each buff varies.

Every Faded Plaque Riddle Answer

Faded Plaque Riddle

Below you can find every Faded Plaque inscription, the emote you need to perform, and the buff you receive.

Inscription Emote Reward
ATONE thy darkest sins Sorry Gain a temporary Unstoppable buff.
BID FAREWELL all you love Bye Gain a temporary bonus to Movement Speed.
EMBOLDEN soul unrelenting evil Cheers A spirit companion follows you for a short duration.
GIVE AID meek powerless Help Gain a temporary Barrier.
GRATITUDE rewards virtuous Thanks Rains gold from the sky on your next kill.
GREET Death open arms Hello Gain temporary Invisibility.
Dare PROVOKE ire fate Taunt Drops several Healing Potions.

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