Destiny 2 fans join Glorbo train to outsmart AI websites

Destiny 2 fans join Glorbo train to outsmart AI websites

The Glorious Rise of Glorbo

Image: Bungie

Once upon a time, the word “glorbo” meant absolutely nothing. It was just a whimsical, silly term. But oh, how times have changed! Glorbo has now transcended ordinary language to become a phenomenon within the gaming world. The glorbo hype has even caught the attention of Bungie, the developers behind Destiny 2. They can’t resist the allure of glorbo, and who can blame them?

World of Warcraft fans, always one step ahead, devised a cunning plan to bring glorbo into existence. They set a clever trap by crafting a post about an imaginary feature called “Glorbo.” They knew the AI-driven websites would scrape this topic, just like it does with any popular subject. Sure enough, The Portal, published by ZLeague, fell right into their glorbo-filled trap and published an article raving about the nonexistent feature. Thus, the glorbo meme was born!

Not to be outdone, the clever Destiny 2 community decided to play their own glorbo game. But this time, glorbo wasn’t an upcoming feature. No, no, no! Glorbo became something far more mysterious and exciting: a secret boss. Fans created elaborate posts, infused with kayfabe, describing the grandeur and might of Glorbo. Some even claimed that Glorbo was responsible for their grandmother’s demise! Talk about dedication!

One enthusiastic fan eagerly shared, “I can’t contain my excitement for the Glorbo fight in season 23. I heard through the grapevine that Glorbo will surpass Oryx in power once he enters his veil acceptance chamber. Bungie has truly outdone themselves by seamlessly integrating Glorbo into the lore book on the Bungie Store and the dusty grimoire pages of Destiny 1.” And shockingly enough, their ploy worked like a charm!

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Now, I must confess, I have become a fervent follower of the almighty Glorbo. The seamless transition of Glorbo from World of Warcraft to Destiny 2 fills me with joy and anticipation. Who knows what grand, glorbo-filled adventures await us in the future? Perhaps a daring developer will introduce their very own glorbo into the gaming universe as well. The possibilities are gloriously endless!

But let us not forget, this isn’t the first time fan creativity has run wild. In the long, agonizing wait for Elden Ring, desperate gamers took to crafting their own fictional versions of the game, immersing themselves in vivid imaginary tales from the world of FromSoftware. Glorbo, in all its glory, was initially created as a trap, but it beautifully aligns with fans coming together to have a laugh. Outsmarting AI sites was just an extra cherry on top of the glorbo-filled cake.