Dave The Diver: Manta Ray Mission Walkthrough

Dave The Diver: Manta Ray Mission Walkthrough

Throughout your adventures with Dave the Diver, you’ll encounter various mission types and requests from the colorful characters you meet along the storyline. One such character is Udo, who will task you with snapping some underwater photos in a series of sub-missions.

Dave the Diver

But be prepared, because the mission to ‘Take Pictures of Manta Ray’ will be a bit trickier than your previous photo ops. Don’t worry though, we’ve got all the information you need right here!

Where To Find The Manta Ray Photo Op Location

This particular Manta Ray mission is only available during night dives, so forget about trying to find it during the day. Dive to a depth of around 20 meters and head to the right. You’ll eventually stumble upon the photo op location, but you might notice that the lights have fallen over. Whoops!

How To Take The Picture Of The Manta Ray

Dave the Diver

To fix the lights and attract the manta ray, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick up the fallen light.
  2. Locate the connector plug and plug it into the generator on the right. Voila, the lights will come back on!
Dave the Diver

Now, head over to the area marked above the lights and use the Lure Capsule to entice the manta ray to come closer.

But here’s a pro tip: when the majestic creature finally arrives, resist the temptation to swim right up to the camera icon like you would normally do. Trust me, if you do that, the manta ray will swim away faster than you can say “game over!” Instead, only go as close as necessary to make the prompt button appear on the screen. It’s just a little to the right of the light closest to you.

Dave the Diver

Photo Requirements

  • Camera Focus
  • Manta Ray
  • When target is illuminated

Now you’re ready to capture the perfect shot of the magnificent manta ray! So get out there and show Udo what you’re made of!

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