Dave The Diver: Employee Guide

Dave The Diver: Employee Guide

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The first few days of Bancho Sushi in Dave The Diver are like trying to swim upstream with a school of hungry piranhas. You’re on your own, serving all the customers, and as the restaurant gets more popular on Cooksta, the waves of customers just keep flooding in. You’ll need all the help you can get to keep your head above water.

But fear not, my fellow sushi chefs, because relief comes in the form of employees a few days after you’ve laid the foundation of your restaurant. These employees will be your right-hand (or left-hand, if you prefer) in the kitchen. They’ll help you cook, serve, and even fetch ingredients. Plus, you can train them to become sushi-slinging superstars with unique skills.

How To Unlock Employees


Before you can start building your dream team, you’ll need to survive the first few days and create an account on Cooksta. After a couple of days, a mysterious person named Yoshie will grace your restaurant with their presence. Yoshie will have a little chat with Bancho, and then it’s time to whip up a special dish to impress them.

To create this dish, you’ll need to gather the following ingredients:

Ingredient Location Description
Whitetip Reef Shark This shark can be found on the far-right side of the Blue Hole. Head right as soon as you dive and go down to find it. Just be prepared to face off against it if you want to extract its tasty meat without getting chomped.
Olive Oil Since you’ll be starting this quest at the beginning of the game, the only way to obtain Olive Oil is by opening red Cooking Pots in the ocean. Dive deep, my friends, and search for those magical pots of liquid gold. Be careful, though, as danger may lurk beneath the waves.

After serving Yoshie the delicious dish and engaging in some delightful dialogue, the employee system will unlock, and you’ll be ready to start hiring.

How To Hire Employees


To begin the hiring process, navigate to the “Staff” section at the bottom of your screen or click the button above it. Once the dialogue box appears, you’ll spot the hiring option on the bottom-left near Yoshie. Click there and let the recruitment frenzy commence.

Depending on the type of ad you choose, the next day you’ll receive a stack of employee applications. Remember, more expensive ads attract higher-quality applicants. If you find an employee with stats that make your sushi-loving heart skip a beat, you’ll need to pay their initial hiring cost and they’ll expect a daily salary based on the orders they handle and the money they bring in.

Once you’ve received applications for a specific ad, they’ll remain on the hiring screen until you either accept them or decide to launch another ad campaign. Each employee comes with a set of four stats and some locked special skills, which we’ll explore further below.

What Does It Mean When An Employee Has A Light Bulb Above Their Head?


Once you have your crew assembled, you can put them to work in a variety of ways:

  • Add Them To The Kitchen: Employing a staff member in the kitchen will supercharge the cooking process, ensuring those plates of sushi fly out faster than a seagull with a stolen French fry. Just keep an eye on the Wasabi supply, as it will disappear quicker than a fish in a feeding frenzy.

  • Add Them To The Dining Area: Assigning an employee to the dining area means they’ll assist with serving food. These multitasking masters can also serve Tea, Beer, and even refill the Wasabi if they possess the necessary skills.

  • Train Them: Investing in the skill development of your employees will level up their stats and unlock special skills. Look for the delightful light bulb hovering above their heads when you select “Train” in the Staff section. This beacon of brilliance signifies two exciting possibilities: either unlocking a new skill during the next training session or discovering a unique recipe exclusive to that employee.

  • Dispatch Them: Sometimes, you’ll need specific ingredients that are hard to come by. In those instances, you can send an employee on an expedition to fetch the goods. However, keep in mind that these ventures take a full day, meaning you won’t have access to the dispatched employee during that time.

Ensure you have a well-rounded team by strategically choosing employees with a diverse range of skills. For example, having an employee with the ability to serve Beer and Green Tea will prove invaluable as the game progresses.

All Employee Stats, Explained

Hiring Ad Location

When perusing potential recruits, you’ll notice a set of four stats displayed for each employee. These stats can be a bit puzzling since the game doesn’t provide clear explanations. Fear not, for I shall shed light on their meanings:

Stat Function
Cooking This stat increases the speed at which an employee prepares food once they receive an order.
Serving A higher serving stat means the employee will deliver food to the table more swiftly.
Procure When employees embark on ingredient-gathering expeditions, a higher procure stat gets more items.
Appeal Though not explicitly mentioned in the game, this stat affects the amount of tips received and overall customer satisfaction.

Now that you’re armed with this newfound knowledge, go forth, my fellow sushi masters, and build the most exceptional team in all of Bancho Sushi!

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