Dave The Diver Achievement Guide: Dev Killer

Dave The Diver Achievement Guide: Dev Killer

Dave The Diver: Unlock the “Dev Killer” Achievement and Blast Off to Space

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Dave The Diver? Strap on your scuba gear, because this game is about to take you on an underwater adventure like no other. Get ready to swim with sea creatures, battle bosses, and even explore the depths of space!

The Journey Begins

The story of Dave The Diver starts innocently enough, with you trying to catch different kinds of fish for your Sushi Restaurant. But little did you know, this is just the beginning of an epic quest. Along the way, you’ll meet Dr. Bacon, uncover the mystery of the Sea People, and discover the truth behind the constant earthquakes in the Blue Hole.

Helping the Sea People

As you progress through the game, you’ll meet various Sea People who are in need of your assistance. Whether it’s finding lost treasures or defeating dangerous creatures, be prepared to lend a helping hand. These tasks will lead you through the Glacier Passage and eventually to the Control Room, where the final boss awaits.

Battle for Victory

To save the Sea People and put an end to the earthquakes, you’ll have to face off against the formidable final boss. It won’t be an easy battle, but with your skills and determination, victory is within reach. Gear up, and get ready to unleash your underwater prowess.

The Dev Killer Achievement

Once you have defeated the final boss and celebrated your hard-earned victory at Bancho Sushi, it’s time for Dave to catch some much-needed z’s. Little does he know that his dreams will take him on an unexpected journey into space. It’s time to trigger the mini-game called Space Diver and unlock the coveted “Dev Killer” achievement.

Dave The Diver Mini-Game

Blast Off to Space

In the Space Diver mini-game, you’ll find yourself aboard a spacecraft, alongside Dave and the game developers. Move your character around and shoot with your trusty space gun, just like you did underwater. Your goal? Shoot down every single developer name before the credits on the left side finish rolling.

Space Diver Mini-Game

Aim for Perfection

Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the developer names at the start. They will be scattered in an oval shape for you to blast away. Keep an eye on the score and the number of developers remaining in space at the top of the screen. To unlock the achievement, make sure you take down every single one of them before the countdown reaches zero.

Try, Try Again

If you don’t manage to eliminate all the devs on your first attempt, fear not! You can play the mini-game again through the Minigames app on your phone while you’re on the surface. Once you’ve successfully eliminated all the developers and the counter reaches zero, the achievement will be yours.

Prepare yourself for an underwater odyssey like never before, and don’t forget to unlock the “Dev Killer” achievement on your intergalactic journey through Space Diver. Dive in now and let the adventure begin!

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