Check out Eurogamer’s new game pages.

Check out Eurogamer's new game pages.

Say Hello to Our Shiny New Game Pages!

Hey there, fellow gamers! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you. We’ve listened to your feedback and revamped our game pages to be more user-friendly and helpful than ever before. So get ready to level up your gaming experience!

An example of our shiny new game pages.

What’s New and Improved?

We’ve added some awesome features and enhancements to make your navigation through our game pages a breeze. Here are the highlights:

1. Visual Delight

We’ve spruced up the pages with eye-catching cover art, making them even more visually captivating. Prepare to be mesmerized!

2. Jump Around

Say goodbye to endless scrolling! With our new jumplinks, you can swiftly hop to different sections of the page. No more wasted time searching for information.

3. Knowledge is Power

We’ve got your back on the essential details. Our updated game pages now offer metadata, including the platforms the game is available on, developer info, genre, and release date. Be in the know!

4. Spotlight On

Looking for the best content? Our new Spotlight section showcases top-notch reviews, in-depth features, and exciting deals. It’s all about taking your gaming experience to the next level.

5. Interactive Exploration

Get ready for a truly immersive experience! If a game has an interactive map, we’ll showcase it directly on the game page. Get a bird’s-eye view and plan your adventures with ease.

6. Guide Like a Pro

Lost in the world of gaming? Fear not! Our dedicated Guides section highlights the latest and greatest guides to assist you on your gaming journey. You’ll never get stuck again!

7. Fresh Feed

Stay up to date! Our filterable feed view lets you explore the latest articles or dive into our treasure trove of specific types of content. It’s your personal gaming news hub.

Mamma Mia! Check Out The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Curious to see our revamped game pages in action? Take a look at our page for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Prepare to be blown away by the awesomeness!

More Exciting Features Coming Soon

But wait, there’s more! In the coming days, we’ll be adding image galleries to our game pages. Get ready to feast your eyes on stunning screenshots and beautiful artwork.

And hold on tight for our “Franchise” pages! It’s like a warp pipe that takes you to a wonderland of games belonging to a specific series. Explore, discover, and game on like never before!

Let Us Be Your Player Two

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new game pages. We’ve put our hearts and souls into making them the best they can be. We’re confident that you’ll find them super helpful on your gaming quests!

Don’t be shy to share your thoughts and feedback about the new pages in the comments below. Your opinion matters to us!

And last but not least, thank you for being part of our gaming community. We appreciate you more than a first-place finish! Stay awesome, and keep on gaming!