Bungie targets Destiny 2 cheat makers.

Bungie targets Destiny 2 cheat makers.

Bungie Sues Cheat Makers – No Cheat Shall Escape their Wrath!

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Bungie, the mastermind behind Destiny 2, is on a mission to crush cheat manufacturers once and for all! They have already taken down several sellers with great success and are hungry for more. Not only did they manage to shut down these scammers, but they also bagged millions of dollars in damages. Talk about a double whammy victory!

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for our valiant gaming heroes. At first, they faced a minor setback when a court dismissed their claims against a cheat seller named AimJunkies. However, Bungie didn’t let that little speed bump deter them. They came back stronger than ever and were awarded a whopping $4.3 million in damages. Now they have their sights set on another cheat seller, ready to wipe them out of existence.

TorrentFreak reports that Bungie issued a stern warning to the cheats-for-profit vendor Ring-1, declaring, “The days of Destiny 2 cheaters being free to engage in a wholesale assault on the Destiny 2 game and its community without fear of consequences are over.” Bungie previously reached a settlement with three out of the four defendants in their 2021 lawsuit against Ring-1. But it seems like Ring-1 didn’t get the memo because they continued peddling their cheats. Bungie has had enough of their shenanigans, especially because these cheats pose a serious threat to users’ hardware. Now, Bungie is going after ten named and fifty unnamed defendants associated with Ring-1, hitting them with allegations of DMCA violations and even a Civil RICO prosecution. They call it a “conspiracy” against their operations, and they won’t take it lying down!

Bungie is not only taking cheaters to the cleaners in court but also standing up against individuals who harass their developers. Recently, they won a case against a player who threatened a developer and their spouse. Harassment in the gaming community is a serious issue, and Bungie is taking action. In fact, they’ve decided to limit their engagement with the Destiny 2 community on Reddit to protect their team from such toxic behavior.

Bungie’s no-nonsense approach to ridding the gaming world of cheats has proven that they mean business. Their lawyers are fierce in their pursuit of justice, and they won’t back down until every cheat seller is obliterated. And why not? Pursuing these cheats is not just a noble cause for Bungie but also good for business. So expect Bungie to continue their epic battle against cheat makers in the foreseeable future.

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Source: TorrentFreak.