BTS pics show Ben Affleck’s Batman in new Batsuit for The Flash

BTS pics show Ben Affleck's Batman in new Batsuit for The Flash

Batman’s Batsuits – A Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Batman Batsuits

Oh, Ben Affleck’s Batman, you never fail to surprise us! Throughout the years, we’ve seen a series of epic Batsuits in movies like Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now The Flash. Although the latest Batsuit showcased in The Flash didn’t make the final cut, fans were still treated to a sneak peek. Talk about dangling the Bat-carrot!

The What-If Scenario

Now, hold onto your utility belts, because The Flash originally had a different post-credit scene in mind. This scene, unfortunately axed due to James Gunn’s DCU reboot, would have shown Affleck’s Batman from a different timeline reaching out to Barry for help. Can you imagine the cosmic chaos that would have ensued? But fear not, dear fans, for we now have a kryptonian crystal-clear idea of what that scene might have looked like.

The Enigmatic Batsuit

Behold, the behind-the-scenes images of Affleck’s Batman suit, described as the “original post-credit scene for The Flash” by the ever-vigilant Flash Film News on Twitter. This suit, although reminiscent of the one worn in The Flash, has some noticeable modifications. The most striking change is the bright silver bat emblem on the chest, making it pop like never before. Affleck also seems to have swapped his vibrant blue cape for the classic black, evoking nostalgia while igniting a new sense of anticipation. Ah, the caped crusader, always keeping us guessing!

The Batsuit Evolution

Now, some fans may have criticized The Flash’s Batsuit, but let’s appreciate the small but mighty improvements. The silver emblem shining proudly against the black cape is a combo that just works. It’s like giving Batman a disco makeover while still respecting his dark knight roots. Affleck’s selling it like a boss, even without the cowl. And let’s not forget, Affleck was set to grace us with another breathtaking Batsuit in the abandoned Affleck Batman film. Oh, what could have been!

A Deleted Scene Conspiracy?

Sadly, this tantalizing Batman scene didn’t make the special features and deleted scenes of The Flash’s digital release. But hold onto your Bat-comm, because hope remains. Director Muschietti spilled the beans that there’s a four-hour cut of The Flash, and a director’s cut could potentially grant our wishes. So, buckle up, Bat-fans, for in-demand scenes like Henry Cavill’s Superman in The Flash ending and the illusive post-credit scene might still see the light of Gotham.

Where to Catch The Flash

Couldn’t contain your excitement and want to soak up The Flash’s time-traveling adventures? Well, you’re in luck! The movie is now available on digital platforms. So grab your popcorn, don your Batman mask, and let’s zip through the multiverse with Barry Allen!