Black Mirror: ‘Metalhead’ Ending Explained

Black Mirror: 'Metalhead' Ending Explained

“Metalhead”: A Black and White Nightmare

If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you know that the show never fails to deliver thought-provoking and chilling episodes. Season 4’s “Metalhead” is no exception. From the moment you see its dark black and white cinematography, you know you’re in for a creepy ride. This episode takes the fear of our reliance on technology to a whole new level, and trust me, it will give you the creeps.

In the midst of the exciting finale of Season 6, don’t forget to revisit “Metalhead”. This episode not only showcases a phenomenal performance by Maxine Pearl, but also delivers a shocking ending that will make you question everything. And of course, it wouldn’t be Black Mirror without some clever insights into the world of technology.

What’s the Big Deal with “Metalhead”?

When it comes to creating visually stunning and impactful episodes, Black Mirror creator David Brooker is a mastermind. The decision to film “Metalhead” in black and white perfectly captures the bleak and terrifying world that the characters are trapped in. This creative choice emphasizes their loss, fear, and the dire situation they find themselves in.

“Metalhead” stands out among the other episodes of Black Mirror with its unique aesthetic. If it were in color, it just wouldn’t feel right. The absence of vibrant hues serves as a constant reminder of the characters’ vulnerability in a post-apocalyptic society. While there are no flesh-devouring zombies or grotesque creatures, there is a constant sense of impending danger. With every step they take, you can’t help but feel their lives are hanging by a thread.

One thing that sets “Metalhead” apart from other horror shows is that it doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that things might not end well for its characters. Right from the start, we witness the painful demise of their friend, Jack. Hoping to find medicine for him, they stumble upon robotic dogs controlled by a dark and ominous technology. It’s a terrifying twist that sets the tone for the rest of the episode.

Bella, the lone survivor, carries the weight of the story on her shoulders after losing her friends in horrific ways. She’s a captivating character with a rebellious spirit, refusing to be dictated by anyone or anything. Her presence and resilience make her the perfect protagonist to lead us through this strange and unsettling world.

A Mind-Blowing Finale


As with every other Black Mirror episode, “Metalhead” doesn’t disappoint when it comes to surprises. In the final moments, we find Bella battling the relentless robotic dogs. She tries to fend off one of them with paint and seeks refuge in a car, desperately hoping to avoid detection. Black Mirror is known for its mind-bending plot twists, and while “Metalhead” may not have the same level of shock as other episodes like “Playtest,” it still leaves a lasting impact.

In her desperate struggle, Bella shoots one of the dogs, only to get injured herself. Covered in shrapnel, she realizes that each piece contains a tracker, a reminder of the imminent threat she faces. With her walkie-talkie, she desperately tries to reach out to her loved ones before coming to the heartbreaking realization that she is doomed. Trapped and with trackers embedded all over her body, from her jugular vein to her face, she makes the gut-wrenching decision to take her own life. The final image of the episode leaves us with a haunting scene of teddy bears scattered on the floor of a warehouse.

A Reflection on Technology and Humanity

As one of the most captivating TV shows of the 2010s, Black Mirror never shies away from delivering spine-chilling moments. What sets this show apart is its exploration of the intersection between technology, society, and human nature. “Metalhead” presents an unsettling scenario, questioning what could happen if guard dogs turned into spies and murderers. The end results are truly horrifying and deeply poignant, befitting the overall tone of this exceptional series.

So, make sure to add “Metalhead” to your Black Mirror watchlist. It’s a visually striking and emotionally gripping episode that will leave you contemplating the eerie relationship between humans and technology. And remember, always be careful with what you wish for in this digital age.

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