Best Pokemon Teams for Pokemon GO Great League Remix

Best Pokemon Teams for Pokemon GO Great League Remix

Pokemon GO Great League Remix: Unleashing the Unexpected

Pokemon GO Great League Remix

Ah, Pokemon GO’s Great League Remix, where the battles are as spicy as a Charizard’s breath after eating a bowl of hot chili peppers! Niantic has cooked up a delightful twist to this fan-favorite league, forcing trainers to rethink their strategy and assemble a brand new team of misfits. Buckle up, folks, because the Remix format is like adding a pinch of salt to your Pokemon roster!

What’s the Remix About?

The Great League Remix, which kicked off in July 2023, maintains most of the familiar rules. The max CP cap is still a solid 1500, but here’s the sGameTopicy part: the top 20 most-used monsters of level Ace and above are now sitting on the bench. It’s like taking away a chef’s most well-used spices and challenging them to create a masterpiece from scratch!

But fear not, brave trainers! We’ve got you covered with a list of monsters that can give your opponents a run for their Pokeballs under the CP cap.

Regirock: The Solid Wall


Meet Regirock, the rock-solid substitute for the banned Registeel. This legendary Rock-type is no pushover, with impressive defense stats of 179 attack, 309 defense, and 190 stamina. It may have a rocky exterior, but it’s resistant to Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type moves. Just be careful of Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type attacks that can chip away at this sturdy wall.

Regirock’s Fast Move, Lock On, is like a key that opens doors to victory. Pair it with the powerful Charged Move, Stone Edge, and you’ve got yourself a real heavyweight in battles. Need some extra oomph? Consider equipping Regirock with the brutal secondary attack, Focus Blast, to send your opponents flying!

Mandibuzz: The Dark and the Feathery


Enter Mandibuzz, the dual Dark and Flying-type fiend that’s soaring through the Great League Remix skies. With a stat spread of 129 attack, 205 defense, and 242 stamina, this bird of prey can give your opponents a serious case of feather envy!

Mandibuzz has a knack for resisting Grass, Ground, Dark, Ghost, and Psychic-type attacks, making it a formidable foe to face. But beware the icy winds of Ice, the shocking power of Electric, and the rocky surprises from Rock-type moves that can take this bird down.

Don’t underestimate Mandibuzz’s Fast Move, Snarl, which generates energy like it’s got an unlimited supply. Combine that with the STAB damage from its Charged Moves, Foul Play and Aerial Ace, and you’ll have your opponents squawking for mercy!

Carbink: The Rock and Fairy Fusion


Carbink, the dual Rock and Fairy-type, is a hidden gem rising through the ranks of the Great League Remix. With stats of 95 attack, 285 defense, and 137 stamina, this unique Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with.

Carbink’s crystal-like exterior resists Dragon, Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, and Normal-type moves, making it a sturdy choice in battles. Just be wary of Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water attacks that can shatter this delicate gem.

If you’re lucky enough to have Carbink on your team, make good use of its Fast Move, Rock Throw, to chip away at your opponents. Combine it with the Charged Moves, Rock Slide and Moonblast, for a dazzling array of attacks that’ll leave your opponents seeing stars!

Scrafty: The Dark and Fighting Surprise


Scrafty, the Dark and Fighting-type hooligan, is crashing the party in the Great League Remix. With stats of 163 attack, 222 defense, and 163 stamina, this tough guy is ready to take on any challenge!

Scrafty resists Ghost, Psychic, Dark, and Rock-type moves, showing its opponents its defiant spirit. Just watch out for Fairy, Fighting, and Flying attacks that can put this rebel in its place.

Get ready for some serious brawling with Scrafty’s Fast Move, Counter, which hits harder than a heavyweight boxer. Pair it with the Charged Moves, Foul Play and Power-Up Punch, and you’ll have your opponents begging for a timeout!

Cresselia: The Legendary Lunatic


Cresselia, the Legendary Psychic-type powerhouse, earns its place on our Great League Remix team. With stats of 152 attack, 258 defense, and 260 stamina, this moon-dwelling menace is a force to be reckoned with.

Cresselia laughs off Psychic and Fighting-type moves like a champ, but watch out for Dark, Bug, and Ghost attacks that can leave a lasting impression. Armed with its Fast Move, Psycho Cut, and Charged Moves like Moonblast and Grass Knot, Cresselia is ready to illuminate the battlefield with its celestial power!

Machamp: The Fighting Phenomenon


When it comes to the Great League Remix, Machamp is flexing its way onto the team. With stats of 234 attack, 159 defense, and 207 stamina, this Fighting-type heavyweight is a force to be reckoned with.

Machamp is resistant to Rock, Bug, and Dark-type moves, while being vulnerable to Psychic, Flying, and Fairy attacks. Its Fast Move, Counter, is like a one-two punch that leaves opponents reeling. Combine it with the Charged Moves, Cross Chop and Rock Slide, and you’ve got yourself a moveset that’s as fierce as Machamp’s bulging biceps!

Whiscash: The Ground and Water Merger


Sink your teeth into Whiscash, the dual Ground and Water-type that’s making waves in the Great League Remix. With stats of 151 attack, 141 defense, and 242 stamina, this fishy friend is here to reel in the victories!

Whiscash has a fantastic resistance to Rock, Electric, Fire, Poison, and Steel-type moves, but beware its weakness to Grass-type attacks that can make it feel like a fish out of water. Its Fast Move, Mud Shot, generates energy like a tidal wave, allowing Whiscash to unleash its devastating Charged Moves, Mud Bomb and Blizzard, with ease.

Vigoroth: The High-Energy Hero


Last but not least, we have Vigoroth, the Normal-type dynamo ready to bring the heat to the Great League Remix. With stats of 159 attack, 145 defense, and 190 stamina, this energetic monkey is bouncing with potential!

Vigoroth laughs at Ghost-type moves, but be wary of its weakness to Fighting-type attacks. With its Fast Move, Counter, Vigoroth shows opponents who’s boss. Combine it with Charged Moves like Body Slam and Bulldoze, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success!

And there you have it, trainers! A team of unexpected heroes ready to conquer the Great League Remix. So grab your Pokeballs, put on your battle face, and get out there to show the world what you’re made of! Remember, the Pokemon GO Great League Remix is available on Android and iOS devices, so let the fun begin!


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