Berserk: Top 8 Deadly Characters

Berserk: Top 8 Deadly Characters

Berserk’s Most Dangerous Characters

Welcome to the twisted and dark world of Berserk, where the line between humans and monsters is blurred. In this emotionally rich and humorous guide, we’ll explore the most dangerous characters that inhabit this treacherous realm. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride!

8. Griffith


Once a beloved leader of the Band of the Falcon, Griffith’s actions shattered the hearts of his comrades. He sacrificed them all for his personal ambition, transforming into the menacing Femto of the God Hand in the process. With newfound power, he became a force to be reckoned with, even resorting to assaulting poor Casca. Griffith’s mere presence sends chills down the spines of the mightiest apostles. Truly a dangerous character in Berserk.

7. Guts


Meet Guts, the unluckiest protagonist you’ll ever come across. From being sold by his adoptive father to accidentally killing him and becoming a target for mercenaries, Guts’ life is a rollercoaster of misfortune. But don’t underestimate this fearless human. Armed with his mighty Dragon Slayer, Guts fearlessly butchers apostles without a hint of fear. Crossing paths with him is a risky endeavor, as he doesn’t shy away from exacting revenge on those who wrong him.

6. Ganishka


Ganishka, the ambitious ruler of the Kushan Empire, despises the God Hand and seeks to surpass their power. Unlike ordinary apostles, Ganishka can dominate multiple foes simultaneously, even leaving the mighty Zodd momentarily stunned. However, his thirst for power comes at a price, stirring madness within him. Ganishka may be a formidable adversary, but his unstable mind poses a great risk to himself and others.

5. God Hand

God Hand

Behold the God Hand, a quintet of immensely powerful demons, who enact the will of the Idea of Evil. Made up of Slan, Ubik, Conrad, Void, and Femto (formerly Griffith), this group possesses reality-altering abilities, a force to be reckoned with. They eliminate anyone who dares to oppose them without a second thought, indifferent to the lives beneath them. The God Hand embodies the concept of danger in Berserk.

4. Zodd


Zodd, a loyal member of the reborn Band of the Falcon under Griffith’s command, is renowned for his unparalleled strength. Legend has it that Zodd roamed battlefield after battlefield, leaving a trail of defeated foes in his wake. With his centuries of combat experience, Zodd’s mastery over various weapons is truly fearsome. Crossing swords with him is a fight you may not live to regret.

3. Skull Knight

Skull Knight

The enigmatic Skull Knight emerges from the shadows to aid Guts in his darkest hours. Armed with a sword made of behelits that can slice through dimensions, the Skull Knight possesses the ability to navigate astral portals. Despite besting Zodd in battle, the Skull Knight harbors deep animosity towards the God Hand, yet remains unable to defeat them. With his formidable skills, the Skull Knight poses a deadly threat.

2. Locus


Enter Locus, the celebrated warrior whose calm and rational demeanor sets him apart from other apostles. His sharp analytical skills have earned him Griffith’s trust, seeking his wise counsel. Locus boasts a flawless record of never losing a fight, a testament to his exceptional skills. With his lance as his weapon of choice, it’s safe to say Locus can effortlessly defeat even the mightiest warriors.

1. Rakshas


Rakshas, a vile and sadistic individual with a burning desire to kill Griffith, joins the new Band of the Falcon. Appointed as the head of the search and destroy division, Rakshas takes pleasure in tormenting his victims before delivering the final blow. His twisted nature and evil disposition make him one of the most dangerous characters in Berserk.

That concludes our adventurous journey through the most perilous characters in Berserk. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling experience as you navigate this dark and treacherous world!