“Baldur’s Gate 3: Saving Everyone from the Burning Building”

"Baldur's Gate 3: Saving Everyone from the Burning Building"

Baldur’s Gate 3 – The Burning Building Rescue Guide: Saving Lives in Style!

Get ready for some heart-pounding action, folks! If you think combat and skills in Baldur’s Gate 3 are already intense, just wait until you find yourself inside a burning building with the clock ticking down. It’s a rush like no other, and the memories will be etched into your gamer soul forever.

Now, Baldur’s Gate 3 embraces this fiery scenario, throwing in two poor souls in need of rescue. But hey, here’s the deal: if you’re not quick on your feet, not only will those two unfortunate souls die, but you and your party might end up toast too. So buckle up, my friends, because executing a carefully planned rescue mission is your only chance at survival.

Oh, and before we dive into the juicy details, I gotta give you a heads up—this guide contains some serious spoilers. If you’re as committed to role-playing as a method actor, you might wanna look away, my friend. But if you’re hungry for every little detail and up for the ultimate saving challenge, stick with me!

Saving Counsellor Florrick: A Heroic Saga

“Hold your breath, Counsellor Florrick! Help is on the way!”
  1. Cast the Misty Step spell to reach Counsellor Florrick.
  2. Speak to Counsellor Florrick.
  3. Destroy the Shatter Wine Barrel with powerful spells.

Now listen up, fellow adventurers, ’cause here’s the biggest trick in town—the Shattered Wine Barrel is no pushover. As of this moment, it doesn’t give a damn about your ranged or melee attacks. Nope! It can only be destroyed by the sheer power of magic spells. So, if you’ve got a spellcaster in your party (and I bet you do), switch ’em out and make sure someone with Misty Step is on the case.

Saving Benryn: A Fiery Race Against Time

“Fear not, Benryn! We shall tame the flames and lead you to safety!”
  1. Cast the Misty Step spell to reach Benryn.
  2. Save Benryn using either a Strength or Investigation check.
  3. Cast Create Water on Benryn to cool down this hot situation.
  4. Allow Benryn to open the door himself (keep those hands off, heroes!).

Listen, my friends, when it comes to saving good ol’ Benryn, it’s like trying to hold a dragon’s tail underwater—it’s a mighty challenge. Opening that door? Boom, instant explosion and the fire spreads like a wildfire. At this point, only a player-controlled character triggers this fiery chaos.

But hey, don’t lose hope! Benryn can survive the inferno on his own if the universe is on his side. But if you’re into a bit of insurance, here’s a little secret: casting Create Water on Benryn while he’s booking it will reduce the fire damage by half and guarantee his survival. So, when playing with friends, make sure to have some wizards or sorcerers on standby!

So mark your calendars, my friends—Baldur’s Gate 3 is already up and running in Early Access for PC, and it’s set to rock your gaming world on August 3rd, 2023. And hold on tight, because the PlayStation 5 version is coming on September 6th, 2023, with an Xbox Series X/S version in the works!