“Baldur’s Gate 3: Hirelings Guide”

"Baldur's Gate 3: Hirelings Guide"

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is bursting at the seams with fascinating characters, many of whom can join your party. These characters have captivating backstories and fulfill specific roles in battle, making them perfect for overcoming the game’s numerous challenges.

Kurz the Hireling

But let’s face it, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game that begs to be played again and again, allowing you to experiment with new classes and strategies. It’s one of the game’s biggest draws! So, how can you maximize your experimentation and unleash your creativity without resorting to something as absurd as turning Astarion into a Cleric? Well, my friend, the answer lies in hirelings.

What Is A Hireling?

A hireling is a party member that you can recruit for a small amount of gold. They are like your trusty sidekicks, ready to fight alongside you. They may not have personalities or personal quests, but they can be leveled up in any way you desire.

Think of these characters as your “spares” – they are perfect for testing out new subclasses, multiclass combinations, or even doubling up on classes. Have you ever dreamed of running with two Clerics? Well, now you can!

How To Recruit A Hireling

Recruiting a Hireling

To be able to hire a hireling, you must first have recruited Withers to your camp. Head down to the Dank Crypt on the coast, where you land after the sequence on the nautiloid, to find him.

Once Withers is at your camp, you can ask him about hiring some extra help. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring these valuable allies:

  • It costs 100 gold to recruit each hireling.
  • You can only recruit a hireling if you have space in your party when you talk to Withers.
  • You can have a maximum of three hirelings recruited at a time.
  • Hirelings can be made to wait for you at your campsite or dismissed entirely to free up a slot for another hireling. Dismissed hirelings can be recruited again by talking to Withers, but you’ll have to pay the fee again.
  • Hirelings start at level one but can be leveled up immediately. They gain the same amount of experience as your main character.
  • Hirelings can use Withers’s class-changing services just like regular party members.

Here is a table detailing every hireling in the game:

Eldra Luthrinn Gold Dwarf Barbarian 17 13 15 8 12 10
Brinna Brightsong Lightfoot Halfling Bard 8 15 13 12 10 17
Zenith Feur’sel High Elf Cleric 11 14 13 8 17 12
Danton Mephistopheles Tiefling Druid 10 14 14 8 17 12
Varanna Sunblossom Wood Half-Elf Fighter 17 13 15 10 12 8
Sina’zith Githyanki Monk 12 17 14 8 14 10
Kerz Half-Orc Paladin 17 12 13 8 10 15
Ver’yll Wenkiir Lolth-Sworn Drow Ranger 12 17 13 8 15 10
Maddala Deadeye Human Rogue 8 17 14 13 13 10
Jacelyn High Half-Elf Sorcerer 8 13 15 12 10 17
Kree Derryck Duregar Warlock 8 13 14 13 10 17
Sir Fuzzalump Rock Gnome Wizard 8 13 15 17 10 12

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I hope you find this guide helpful and entertaining! Happy gaming!