Baldur’s Gate 3: Getting Scratch The Dog

Baldur's Gate 3: Getting Scratch The Dog

Forever Friends: Meet Scratch the Adventurous Canine Companion!


Role-playing games aren’t just about getting epic loot and going on wild adventures; they’re also about the friendships you form along the way. In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter a unique companion who is both adorable and loyal—a friendly dog named Scratch, who has found himself lost in the wilderness. But fear not, with a little help, you can bring Scratch into your party and enjoy some interesting and fun perks!

The Lore-Filled Story of Scratch

Where to Find Scratch

Before you meet Scratch, you must uncover the tale of his former owner, Gomwick. As you explore the wilderness west of Druid Grove, keep an eye out for a clearing with a white German Shepherd lying beside Gomwick’s lifeless body—along with some undelivered mail. Scratch was Gomwick’s loyal companion and has his own place in the lore of the Sword Coast.

Finding Scratch: The Adventure Begins

To meet Scratch and start your furry adventure, you’ll need to make some choices:

  • Approaching the Body: Will you shoo Scratch away or give him the love he deserves?
  • Dice Rolls: Use your Intimidation skill to keep Scratch at a distance or your Perception to read the name on his collar. Or if you’re skilled in Animal Handling, shake your head to indicate that Gomwick is beyond help.
  • Meeting at Camp: After passing the dice rolls, give Scratch your scent and invite him to your camp. He will faithfully join you the second night after recruitment.

Unleashing Scratch’s Talents

Scratch and Gomwick’s Body

But Scratch is more than just a camp decoration! This four-legged companion has skills and abilities that go beyond that wagging tail. He loves to play fetch and has a habit of burying bones, which can lead to some exciting discoveries. Keep a close eye on Scratch, as he may reveal hidden treasure locations, keys, chests, or even secret doors. Just be prepared to pass a Strength check if you want to claim these treasures for yourself!

Throughout Act I, Scratch will faithfully stay by your side in the camp. But as the game progresses, he may surprise you and become an actual fighting companion—truly a dog with a newfound bite!

So, prepare for the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 on August 3 for PC and September 6 for PS5, with an Xbox Series X/S version on its way. Get ready to embark on exciting quests, forge lasting friendships, and unleash Scratch’s loyalty and talents in this epic RPG adventure!

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