Baldur’s Gate 3: Ability Modifier Explained

Baldur's Gate 3: Ability Modifier Explained

You’ll no doubt be making Ability Check after Ability check in Baldur’s Gate 3, but what can you do to bolster your chances of succeeding them? Look no further than the trusty Ability Modifier, a number coveted and sought after by many an adventurer. Increasing your modifiers will open doors for you in any dungeon.

Of course, it’s not so easy as crawling through a dungeon and picking these up. Your chances to increase your modifiers are few and far between, so you’ll need to understand what they are exactly and how to make the most of what you have. Your most important decision? What you choose on Day One.

What Is An Ability Modifier?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Ability Scores

To begin, an Ability – by itself – is one of the six main scores you’ll be using to decide everything about your character’s strengths and weaknesses. These Abilities are: – Strength – Dexterity – Constitution – Intelligence – Wisdom – Charisma

On Day One and in the Character Creation, you’ll be investing into each of these Abilities with the Point Buy system. Each Ability will always have a modifier, and as your scores increase, their modifiers will also increase for every even level.

This is true of your character, but it is also true for every enemy or creature in the game. Every creature has six Ability Scores with their respective modifiers.

Ability Score Modifier Ability Score Modifier
1 -5 16-17 +3
2-3 -4 18-19 +4
4-5 -3 20-21 +5
6-7 -2 22-23 +6
8-9 -1 24-25 +7
10-11 0 26-27 +8
12-13 +1 28-29 +9
14-15 +2 30 +10

What Do I Use Ability Modifiers For?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills

Each of these modifiers affect any rolls made with the Ability Score they are related to. They also affect any skills related to the Ability Score.

For instance, if you have a character with a Strength modifier of +2, then you can add that +2 to any rolls made with Strength. This includes Strength saving throws, ability checks, Athletics checks, and attack rolls made with a Strength-based weapon.

Below is a chart of every Ability Score and the skills that are affected by their modifier.

Ability Score Skill
Strength Athletics
Dexterity Acrobatics
Sleight of Hand
Constitution None
Intelligence Arcana
Wisdom Animal Handling
Charisma Deception

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