Anime Expo 2023: OMEN’s Booth – An IRL Anime RPG Fantasy

Anime Expo 2023: OMEN's Booth - An IRL Anime RPG Fantasy

#OMEN Spirit of Fun: A Geek’s Perfect Adventure

Prepare to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of cuteness, video games, and epic adventures! OMEN, in collaboration with Intel and HP, has brought to life the Spirit of Fun. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. But this is no ordinary booth – it’s a celebration of all things geeky! Not only can you play games solo or with friends, but you can also check out OMEN’s lineup of laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories (which are up for grabs, too!).

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the action, where “choose your own adventure” takes on a whole new meaning. OMEN teamed up with the talented artist, VERTIGRIS, who provided his unique artistic touch to the experience. Talk about a collaboration that’s the stuff of legends! So, get ready to be transported into a world where OMEN’s vision meets the creativity of other talented artists.

##The Journey Begins

Our adventure starts in a cozy bedroom setup, complete with official accessories (Naruto collab, anyone?). Picture yourself sitting in front of a computer, faced with three thrilling adventure choices. Grab your complimentary wristband, make your selection, and boom! You’re magically whisked away to a vibrant Neo-Tokyo street, dotted with multiple rooms, each with its own photo opportunities and choices to advance your journey. Combat, passivity, or magic – the choice is yours!

OMEN Bedroom

The first room is a sight to behold. Imagine a delicate bridge spanning over a koi pond, surrounded by cherry blossom-themed scenery. Sakura trees add a splash of magenta glow all around. Now, here’s the twist: to progress, you must awaken the slumbering sakura trees. How, you ask? Well, unleash your abilities and take your pick: cast a wind spell, engage in an epic battle against pond spirits, or dance with magical creatures. Whichever path you choose, success is guaranteed, and you’ll be transported to the next destination in a flash.

First Room

##An Unexpected Twist

Back in Neo-Tokyo, you find yourself stepping through a second portal. But beware – darkness engulfs you, and the next thing you know, you’re inside a giant bowl of ramen. Strange, right? And to make matters weirder, there are other adventurers’ ingredients floating around. Apparently, some brave souls decided to become part of a legendary ramen dish. But fear not, fellow traveler! Your newfound companions whisper that it’s time to set things right. The eggs in your ramen bowl have awakened angrily! It’s decision time again: cast a fire spell, search for another ingredient to cheer them up, or tickle them until they burst into laughter. Soon enough, the eggs are at ease, and you’re transported back to Neo-Tokyo.

Second Room

##The Ultimate Reward

Before stepping into your final portal, there’s one last stop to make. You’ll encounter three sets of magical potions – choose one and watch your troubles fade away. Although your choice won’t affect the outcome, it’s an exciting little treat for your journey so far. But brace yourself, because the best is yet to come!

Magical Potions

The final portal reveals a room with a giant screen eagerly awaiting your presence. As the grand finale approaches, you get to choose the background for your big moment. Yes, my friend, it’s time for you to star in your very own anime ending! Here’s the cherry on top: OMEN’s staff records you for 5 glorious seconds, allowing you to display your true powers. The choices you made in the previous portals determine your adventurer archetype. And what’s more, you’ll receive a special pin celebrating your unique result – you might even score more than one if you’re one of the lucky few! But the excitement doesn’t stop there. It’s time to unleash your inner director and customize a 26-second anime ending featuring none other than you.

Customize your Anime Ending

##Beyond the Adventure

Intel and HP have treated us to an extraordinary array of content over the years, and this multi-collaboration is no exception. We can’t help but wonder what other exhilarating adventures await us next year! So, make sure to stay up-to-date with OMEN’s latest projects and accessories available for purchase on their official website.

But for now, fellow gamers, let’s bask in the glory of the Spirit of Fun. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey where cuteness, video games, and epic adventures collide!

OMEN Spirit of Fun

Originally published at GamerAnt