Animal Crossing Lego sets rumored to be in development

Animal Crossing Lego sets rumored to be in development

Animal Crossing Lego Sets: Get Ready to Bring Your Virtual World to Life!

Hold onto your joy-cons, folks, because rumor has it that Animal Crossing Lego sets are on the horizon! Can I get a “hooray” from all the island dwellers out there? According to the Lego leaking Instagram account exabrickslegogo_, not one, not two, but FIVE sets are currently in the works, expected to hit stores in March 2024. It’s like a dream come true for gaming and Lego enthusiasts!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What do these sets look like? How many bells do I need to shell out?” Well, the pieces range in size from 170 to 535, with prices ranging from a mere $14.99 to a respectable $74.99. That means there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a humble Able Sister or a bustling Raymond fanboy.

The details are a bit fuzzy at the moment, but fear not! The reliable folks at Brickmerge have spotted these sets and were kind enough to share the good news. YouTuber Brick Clicker and other social media sleuths have also joined the chorus, singing the praises of these upcoming Lego wonders.

So, what exactly can we expect to build? Prepare yourself for a slice of animal paradise, my friends. From the charming campsite to the bustling Nook’s Cranny and even the sky-high Dodo Airlines Airport, the possibilities are endless. And dare I say, wouldn’t it be incredible to have a MASSIVE fold-out Museum where we can display our Brickellian treasures? A gamer can dream, right?

But wait, there’s more! Rumors are swirling that the character minifigs will have special molded heads. That means our beloved Tom Nook and lovable Isabelle will look as authentic as ever, ready to embark on all sorts of bricktastic adventures. Who said virtual reality couldn’t be crossed with real-life awesomeness?

It seems Animal Crossing is following in the footsteps of Nintendo’s successful Mario Lego sets, which have already captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. And let’s not forget the upcoming Donkey Kong sets hitting the shelves this month. With all this excitement, it’s clear that Lego and gaming were meant to be, like a match made in Mushroom Kingdom.

Before I let you go, there’s one more piece of news that’ll make your spines tingle with excitement. Sonic the Hedgehog Lego sets are already available, folks! That’s right, our speedy blue friend has joined the Lego party, proving that gaming and building blocks are a match made at supersonic speeds.

So gear up, tighten those bricks, and prepare for an adventure like no other. Animal Crossing Lego sets are coming, and they’re set to bring joy, creativity, and perhaps a little bit of Isabelle’s infectious cheer into our lives. It’s time to turn our virtual worlds into a tangible reality, one brick at a time. Let’s build a better future, one Lego at a time!