After Us Review – A Unique Dystopian Experience

After Us Review - A Unique Dystopian Experience

After Us: A Surreal Journey Through a Dystopian World

Step into a world where the sights are hauntingly beautiful and the emotions run deep. After Us is a 3D platformer that delivers a powerful narrative through its environmental storytelling and surrealistic set dressing. From the decaying carcasses of starved dogs to the last remnants of a dying world, this game will tug at your heartstrings and pique your curiosity. Join Gaia, a young spirit on a quest to salvage the souls of the last creatures on Earth, as you uncover the secrets of a world on the brink of collapse.

A World of Love and Loss

In After Us, you’ll encounter somber moments of human cruelty as you stumble upon the remnants of the animal kingdom. From the last starving dog to the caged and plucked eagle, each encounter is a heartbreaking reminder of what humanity has lost. Gaia, our mostly-silent protagonist, may not be the most relatable character, but her journey through this dystopian world is guided by a rich history that you’ll gradually uncover. The past of this Earth becomes the backbone of the game, weaving together a narrative that will keep you hooked.


Platforming with a Twist

Running and jumping are Gaia’s bread and butter, but After Us spices up the traditional platforming formula with additional mechanics like hovering, rail-grinding, wall-running, and dashing. While Gaia might feel a bit floaty and loose at times, especially in precision-focused segments, the momentum-driven moments inject a sense of excitement and speed. Imagine scaling a falling tower or leaping between power lines as lightning crackles around you. These action-packed sequences are where the platforming mechanics shine brightest.

Battles and Puzzles

Combat and puzzles both make an appearance in After Us, but they are not created equal. Combat, unfortunately, falls flat with its simplicity and lack of engagement. The lumbering Devourers pose little threat to the nimble Gaia, and the battles quickly become repetitive. However, the puzzles in the game are an absolute delight. They cleverly intertwine with the platforming mechanics, offering a diverse range of challenges that keep you on your toes. From flipping between TV channels to reach the next platform or timing your attacks to navigate a series of opening and closing bird cages, the puzzles are interesting and satisfying to solve.


A World Worth Exploring

After Us strikes a balance between linear storytelling and open-ended exploration. The game offers branching paths and a fast travel system, allowing you to choose your own adventure and take breaks whenever you need them. This freedom also benefits completionists, as you can easily go back and collect any missed items or discover hidden secrets. The world is beautifully crafted, with its abstract visuals capturing the devastation of a dying Earth. From polluted skies crackling with lightning to lifeless statues that haunt every level, After Us paints a vivid picture of humanity’s impact on nature.


Unveiling a Tragic Tale

The optional collectibles in After Us gradually reveal the truth behind the world’s demise. The dry oceans, razed forests, and trash-choked cities all bear witness to a society that prioritized progress over preservation. Yet, amidst the despair, snippets of love and hope shine through, adding a tragic layer to the game. The poignant scenes of frozen children just inches away from their parents’ embrace and the petrified remains of people holding each other in a square of light offer glimpses of the beauty and tragedy that coexist in this decimated world. After Us challenges us to reflect on our own pursuit of progress and its consequences.


After Us is a game that tugs at your heart, immerses you in a dystopian world, and challenges you with creative puzzles. While the platforming mechanics may have their flaws and combat can become monotonous, the emotional storytelling and surreal visuals make this journey worth experiencing. Dive into the dark depths of After Us’ dying world and uncover the secrets of its downfall. Just be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions along the way.