9 Marines in One Piece with High Potential

9 Marines in One Piece with High Potential

The Mighty Marines of One Piece

Welcome to the world of One Piece, where the Marines are not just your average law enforcement agency. These bad boys and girls are like the military face of the world government, and they’re determined to keep the peace in a world overrun by pirates. But hey, just like in any organization, there are good apples and bad apples among the Marines.


In this current age of piracy, the Marines have become more important than ever. With an influx of pirates thanks to the likes of Roger and whitebeard, the Marines need young soldiers with incredible potential to tackle the ever-growing threat. Let’s dive into the ultimate Marine dream team, where each member stands out from the rest.

9. Helmeppo

While Helmeppo is only a Marine Lieutenant Commander, he’s definitely one to watch. He’s been progressing alongside his buddy Koby, both students of the legendary Garp himself. If Garp sees something in him, then you know he’s got some serious potential. Helmeppo may not become an Admiral, but mark my words, he’s got what it takes to reach the top.

8. Prince Grus

Prince Grus

Prince Grus is not your ordinary Rear-Admiral. He’s one of the strongest up-and-coming Marines you’ll ever come across. Being part of SWORD, his strength is no joke. Grus wields the power of the Gunyo Gunyo no Mi, allowing him to shape and manipulate clay at will. Not only is his Devil Fruit impressive, but his battle wits are also on fire, as seen on the Pirate Island. Watch out for this guy!

7. Sentomaru


Sentomaru is the personal bodyguard of the genius scientist Vegapunk. Being in the Science Division of the Marines, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Sentomaru’s mastery of Haki and immense physical strength makes him one of the strongest Navy Officers in the story. He even handed Luffy a defeat on Sabaody, and after the timeskip, he’s only gotten stronger. With some room to grow, this guy is bound to surprise us.

6. Kujaku


Let’s talk about Kujaku, the granddaughter of the legendary Tsuru. She’s no ordinary Rear-Admiral, just like Prince Grus. Being a member of SWORD, Kujaku possesses the power of the Muchi Muchi no Mi, allowing her to bend anyone to her will, even inanimate objects. Talk about a handy ability! With such strong lineage, Kujaku’s potential knows no bounds. Keep an eye on her future rise in the story.

5. Tashigi


Ah, Tashigi, a fan-favorite character. She’s been climbing the ranks and is currently a Marine Captain. This gal has even worked with the outlaws of the G5 and has mastered both Armament and Observation Haki. Sure, she might lose some battles, but her thirst for knowledge and quick learning will surely propel her towards greater heights in the future.

4. Tokikake


Tokikake, also known as Chaton, is one incredible Navy Vice Admiral. He was even considered for the prestigious position of Admiral during the timeskip. Being considered for such a role definitely means he’s packing some serious power. Chaton’s skills include both Armament and Observation Haki, making him a formidable opponent. Whether he possesses a Devil Fruit power remains a mystery, but his strength is undeniable.

3. Gion


Gion, or should we say Momousagi, is another Marine Vice Admiral who was in the running for Admiral during the timeskip. With skills in both Observation and Armament Haki, she’s a formidable force. Her mysterious Devil Fruit powers have yet to be revealed, but we can expect great things from her in the future. Watch this space!

2. Koby the Hero


Koby the Hero, an aspiring Admiral of the Navy. This guy is no joke. The Cross Guild has placed a five-star bounty of 500 million berries on his head, mostly due to the legendary moniker associated with his name. Koby is a master of Rokushiki arts, and his command over both Observation and Armament Haki is something to behold. Recently, he unleashed a devastating attack that demolished Pizarro’s right hand. Be prepared to witness Koby’s meteoric rise as a Marine.

1. Smoker


And here comes the legend, Smoker. He’s a Marine Vice Admiral who has climbed the ranks at lightning speed since the beginning of the story. Currently known as the White Chase, Smoker is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with both Armament and Observation Haki, he’s a true beast. To top it all off, he wields the power of the Logia-type Moku Moku no Mi, turning himself into smoke and manipulating it at will. Smoker has limitless potential, and fans shouldn’t be surprised if he becomes one of the Admirals or even the Fleet Admiral of the Navy.

These Marines are no pushovers. Their unique abilities, determination, and potential will continue to shake the One Piece world. So keep an eye out for these rising stars as they fight to preserve peace and justice in their own hilarious and powerful ways.

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