9 Fun Open World Activities (Besides the Story)

9 Fun Open World Activities (Besides the Story)

9 Ways to Have Fun in Open-World Games

Who needs to save the world when there are chickens to hunt and villagers to harass? Open-world games are all about freedom and exploration, and sometimes that means veering off the beaten path. Here are 9 ways to have a blast in open-world games:

1. Get Way Off The Beaten Track

Forget the main story! Take a detour and explore the far reaches of the map. Go looking for hidden treasures or take on powerful enemies. It’s exhilarating to defy expectations and embark on your own adventure. After all, that’s what open worlds are all about!

2. Find Hidden Treasures No One Else Knows About

There’s always something shiny waiting to be found off the beaten track. Discover secret treasures that the developers never intended for you to find. It’s a thrill to stumble upon early game-changing items and outsmart the system. Who needs a predetermined path when you can forge your own?

3. Love Basic Starter Items

Even rusty swords and peashooters with limited ammo have their charm. Embrace the struggle of starting with meager gear and turn these humble possessions into your most prized possessions. They’re a reminder of where you began and a testament to how far you’ve come. Plus, they make the game more challenging and rewarding.

4. Chase Them Sheepies (And Other Animals)

Who says you have to save the world all the time? Sometimes, it’s more fun to chase sheep and study the wildlife. Embrace the simple joy of exploring the game’s ecosystem. Count sheep, track animals, and maybe blow up a few sheep along the way. It’s a wholesome and carefree alternative to being a hero.

5. Harass The Locals

The world is full of NPCs just living their lives. Why not spice things up by becoming a practical joker or a menace to the townsfolk? Interact with the inhabitants and see how they react to your shenanigans. It’s a hilarious and mischievous way to dive deeper into the world.

6. Reach The Highest Heights

Forget about saving the world, there’s something incredibly satisfying about defying gravity and scaling the tallest peaks. Set your sights on the highest thing you can find on the map and make it your personal goal to climb it. It’s a self-imposed quest that rewards you with a sense of achievement and the glorious sound of the achievement jingle.

7. Throw Yourself From The Highest Heights

After conquering the highest heights, there’s only one logical thing to do—jump from them! Embrace your curiosity and see what happens when your character takes a leap of faith. It’s a thrilling and hilarious way to experience physics-defying ragdoll moments. Just remember to save your progress before attempting any base jumping.

8. Take Up Hobbies

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a break from saving the world and indulge in some mundane activities. Take up hobbies like fishing, playing minigames, or practicing yoga. These trivial pursuits may not affect the overall mission, but they provide a well-deserved break and a chance to relax within the game.

9. Romance Everyone And Everything

Love is in the virtual air! Open worlds often offer romance options, allowing you to pursue relationships with NPCs. Why limit yourself? Explore all your options and enjoy the drama and intrigue that comes with it. Even if it doesn’t impact the story too much, it’s a fun way to add depth and personalization to your character’s journey.

Open-world games are full of possibilities, both grand and small. So go forth and embrace the freedom, indulge in the absurd, and make the most of your gaming adventures!

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