6 Strategy Games with Fun Stories

6 Strategy Games with Fun Stories

Strategy Games: Fun Stories and Engaging Gameplay

Strategy games are all about the thrill of outsmarting opponents and dominating the battlefield, whether it’s against the computer or other players. However, finding a balance between engaging gameplay and a captivating story can be a challenge for many strategy games. While some games excel in both aspects, others fall short. Let’s delve into some strategy games that manage to strike the right balance and deliver fun and interesting stories.

6. Dawn of War – Dark Crusade

Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

The Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War series is known for its interconnected universe and epic wars between various races. Dark Crusade stands out with its fun and engaging storyline. Set on the planet Kronus, players must choose one of the seven factions and lead them to victory in a non-linear sandbox-style campaign. As you fight for control over strategically valuable artifacts and monuments, you’ll unravel the history of Kronus. The gameplay is intense, combat-based, and resource-driven. While the story itself is simplistic, its execution is undeniably fun.

5. Heroes Of Might And Magic

Heroes of Might and Magic

The Heroes of Might and Magic series merges turn-based strategy with the beloved Might and Magic RPG universe. These games offer enjoyable strategies while keeping the stories interesting, simple, and most importantly, fun. The first game in the series introduces Lord Morglin Ironfist, who finds himself in the land of Enroth, contesting for land against three other warlords. Though players can choose any faction, Ironfist ultimately emerges victorious. The story strikes the perfect balance, ensuring a good time without becoming overly complicated.

4. Age Of Mythology

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology, a spin-off from the legendary Age of Empires series, offers a fresh and enjoyable take on strategy games. This game sets aside historical accuracy in favor of an original and captivating story. The heroes, hailing from Atlantis and Greece, embark on a quest to prevent the release of the titan Kronos by the Cyclops, Gargarensis. Along the way, they encounter fellow heroes from Egypt and Norse lands, as well as other Gods. With its 32-level campaign, Age of Mythology delivers humor, heartbreak, and an exhilarating blockbuster experience.

3. The Battle For Middle Earth

The Battle For Middle Earth

For fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Battle For Middle Earth is a dream come true. This real-time strategy game allows players to choose between the forces of good or evil. Following the plot of the movies, players can experience iconic battles like the Mines of Moria and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Whether you’re fighting for Rohan or aiding Sauron’s forces, The Battle For Middle Earth promises a memorable and fun experience in the beloved realm of Middle Earth.

2. Stellaris


Stellaris offers a grand strategy experience where players have the freedom to shape their own story. Taking control of a species with newfound faster-than-light travel abilities, players must manage their chosen section of the galaxy. Along the way, you’ll encounter other species, forging alliances or engaging in warfare, while striving to achieve your civilization’s ultimate goals. Stellaris presents a unique game with an early-game that feels almost like an RPG, and thrilling crisis events in the end-game.

1. Homeworld


Homeworld takes the RTS genre to the vastness of space, immersing players in a rich and compelling plot spanning centuries. The game centers around a humanoid race that discovers a buried spaceship leading to their ancestral home. Building a spaceship to transport their entire race, they uncover a shocking truth. As they seek vengeance for the destruction of their planet, players engage in gripping battles to reclaim their lost home. Homeworld’s fascinating and nuanced story, combined with its stellar gameplay, has even spawned an entire franchise.

In conclusion, these strategy games not only offer engaging gameplay but also deliver entertaining and memorable stories. Whether you’re battling in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, exploring mythical realms, or fighting for Middle Earth, these games are bound to provide hours of thrilling and fun strategic experiences.

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