5 Star Wars characters from the Underworld universe that should be in Outlaws

5 Star Wars characters from the Underworld universe that should be in Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws: A Galaxy Full of Outlaws, Smugglers, and More!

Scum and villainy of the criminal underworld have become a staple of Star Wars lore. This aspect of the Star Wars galaxy has produced a lot of interesting characters that deserve an appearance within Star Wars: Outlaws. This game is going to show players that in this galaxy far, far away, there’s no shortage of outlaws, smugglers, and other criminals seeking to do business under the nose of the Galactic Empire. And let me tell you, there are plenty that deserve to make a cameo in Star Wars: Outlaws.

5- Boba Fett

Bounty hunters have always been a big part of Star Wars canon. But the most iconic of them all is undoubtedly Boba Fett. This guy left such a huge cultural impact with just roughly 4 lines of dialogue and six minutes of screen time. Talk about making the most out of your limited on-screen appearance! There’s some evidence to suggest that Boba Fett might make an appearance in Star Wars: Outlaws.

The trailer shows Han Solo in Carbonite, apparently being transported on Tatooine. And who was the one who first captured Han and personally delivered him to Jabba the Hutt? You guessed it, Boba Fett! It makes logical sense that the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy would be involved in this shindig. Now, what kind of role he has in Kay’s story, that’s another question.

4- Cad Bane

Among the countless bounty hunters, one notable choice for Star Wars: Outlaws would be the infamous Cad Bane. This guy was active and dangerous during the Clone Wars, dealing with his fair share of bounties and Jedi. Now, there isn’t much known about Cad Bane’s later years after the rise of the Empire, so having him in Star Wars: Outlaws would be a great way to see this character back in action.

Let me present you with a couple of interesting possibilities. How about a quest where the player actually works with Cad Bane? Yeah, you heard it right. Most of his appearances cast him as an antagonist, but it could be a refreshing change to team up with this bounty hunter extraordinaire. On the other hand, maybe you’ll find yourself competing against him to accomplish a particular goal. And trust me, that could be a whole lot of fun!

3- Fennec Shand

Fennec Shand is no stranger to the criminal underworld. She was already a skilled bounty hunter by the end of the Clone Wars. And let me tell you, she went on to have a successful career as an assassin. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for Kay to cross paths with her during his adventures. The real question is, will she be an ally or an enemy?

At the time of Star Wars: Outlaws, Fennec would probably still be working as an assassin, possibly doing some bounty hunting too. She’s got a reputation, and it’s not something you want to take lightly. If Kay finds himself working with her, well, that’s a whole new level of intensity. And if she happens to be on the other side, well, good luck dealing with one of the most ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy!

2- Jabba the Hutt

When it comes to crime bosses in the Star Wars franchise, there are few as iconic as Jabba the Hutt. This slug gangster is the epitome of moral bankruptcy. He only cares about one thing: how he can profit. And let me tell you, at his worst, he’s a total psychopath. This guy enjoys murdering people in the cruelest ways possible for the slightest offenses, and he doesn’t even bat an eye if one of his minions becomes collateral damage. Star Wars: Outlaws aims to explore a morally dubious world that shapes its protagonist, and having Jabba in the mix would certainly add a whole new layer of moral ambiguity.

With Han Solo appearing in carbonite in the Star Wars: Outlaws trailer, it just makes sense for Jabba to make an appearance. We know he eventually ends up in Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine during the events of Return of the Jedi. So buckle up, because the slimy crime lord might just become a major player in this game.

1- Qi’ra

Solo: A Star Wars Story might have divided fans, but it did make an effort to explore the criminal underworld, starting with Qi’ra. This character was Han Solo’s ex-girlfriend, so maybe she has some involvement with her ex-in-carbonite? After Maul’s death, she’s leading the Crimson Dawn, so things must be quite interesting for her.

Now, in Star Wars: Outlaws, it seems that players can gain or lose favor with different factions. And based on this juicy piece of information, Qi’ra’s role could depend on Kay’s actions and his relationship with the Crimson Dawn Crime Syndicate. And here’s a little bonus for you: Will Qi’ra still be holding onto a lightsaber? That’s a question that’s worth investigating.

Star Wars Outlaws is expected to release in 2024. So mark your calendars, strap on your blasters, and get ready to dive into a galaxy full of outlaws and adventures like never before!

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