20 Steam Games, just $13.49

20 Steam Games, just $13.49

Fanatical’s Summer Mystery Bundle: Unveiling the Secrets!

Feeling the thrill of a new gaming adventure? Well, Fanatical’s got you covered with their exciting Summer Mystery Bundle! For a mere $13.49, you can unlock up to 20 secret games. And hey, if you’re not feeling like taking a plunge into the unknown, you can still dip your toes with a single mystery game key for just $1. It’s like the gaming equivalent of a blindfolded treasure hunt!

But what’s inside this mysterious package, you may ask? Fanatical promises a carefully curated selection of games that spans across various genres. Whether you crave brain-teasing puzzles, heart-pounding action, or immersive storytelling, this bundle has got your gaming cravings covered.

In fact, Fanatical even managed to sneak in some premium titles into this collection. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, imagine unearthing gems like the Starfield Premium Edition, Payday 3 Gold Edition, Street Fighter 6, and Aliens: Dark Descent! Talk about striking metaphorical gold in the vast gaming realm!

Exciting, right? But here’s the catch: if you decide to go all out and purchase multiple bundles of 20 games in one order, there’s a slight chance you might stumble upon duplicates. So, don’t say we didn’t warn you if you suddenly find yourself surrounded by clones of your favorite games. Who knows, maybe you can host a gaming tournament with yourself as the only competitor!

It’s also worth mentioning that both GameSpot and Fanatical are under the Fandom umbrella. So, rest assured, this bundle has the backing of a gaming conglomerate that knows how to cater to your gaming needs!

Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity, my fellow gamers! Head over to Fanatical and dive into the Summer Mystery Bundle. Grab those secret game keys, embrace the excitement, and let the gaming adventures begin!

Fanatical Summer Mystery Bundle

Disclosure: GameSpot and Fanatical are both owned by Fandom. So, you can trust this bundle like you trust your loyal gaming buddy!