15 Top Clint Eastwood Western Films, Ranked

15 Top Clint Eastwood Western Films, Ranked

Clint Eastwood’s Unforgettable Westerns

Clint Eastwood Westerns

Clint Eastwood, the iconic gunslinger of Western movies, has left an indelible mark on Hollywood. From his icy cool demeanor in “The Man with No Name” trilogy to his stellar acting and directing in countless Western films, Eastwood’s contributions to the genre are legendary. So, grab your poncho and get ready for a wild ride through Clint Eastwood’s remarkable Western filmography.

15. Paint Your Wagon (1969)

Paint Your Wagon

Now, Clint Eastwood may be known for his tough guy roles, but that doesn’t mean he can’t sing and dance! In this Western musical, Eastwood puts a lighthearted spin on his acting chops as he and Lee Marvin go on a hilarious gold-hunting adventure. If you’re up for some toe-tapping fun, Paint Your Wagon won’t disappoint.

14. Joe Kidd (1972)

Joe Kidd

Joe Kidd may not be the most memorable film in Clint Eastwood’s repertoire, but it’s still worth a watch for any die-hard fan. Eastwood brings his signature steely determination to the role of a former bounty hunter caught in the middle of a violent feud. While it may not break new ground in the Western genre, Eastwood’s performance and Robert Duvall’s portrayal of the antagonist make it a decent addition to the list.

13. Bronco Billy (1980)

Bronco Billy

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up to witness the underrated gem that is Bronco Billy! Eastwood plays the titular character, who tries to keep his wild west show running despite declining public interest. It may not receive as much attention as his other Westerns, but Bronco Billy is a delightful reminder of Eastwood’s versatility. Joined by Sandra Locke, this film is an enjoyable ride for fans of the genre.

12. Cry Macho (2021)

Cry Macho

Fear not, fellow Western enthusiasts, for Clint Eastwood’s last ride in the genre does not disappoint. Cry Macho is a neo-Western where Eastwood takes on the role of a former rodeo star on a mission to reunite a boy with his estranged father. With a poignant tale of reflection and redemption, this film showcases Eastwood’s ageless talent both in front of and behind the camera. Don’t miss out on this must-watch for every Clint Eastwood fan.

11. Hang ’Em High (1968)

Hang ’Em High

Prepare yourselves for something different, because Hang ’Em High offers a fresh take on Clint Eastwood’s Western persona. In this film, Eastwood plays a newly-minted marshal seeking revenge on the gang that tried to lynch him. Vulnerable and fallible, Eastwood’s character brings a new depth to his performance. Hang ’Em High may not be as flashy as some of his other films, but it’s a captivating ride nonetheless.

10. Pale Rider (1985)

Pale Rider

Get ready for a touch of the supernatural in Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider. Set in a mining community facing hard times, Eastwood’s mysterious character known as “The Preacher” comes to their aid. This unique Western explores religious and supernatural themes, making it a standout addition to Eastwood’s filmography. Don’t let this underrated gem pass you by.

So far, we’ve covered some of Clint Eastwood’s lesser-known Westerns. From musicals to revenge tales, Eastwood proves time and again that he can tackle a wide range of characters and narratives. But the list is far from over. Stay tuned for the top 9 Clint Eastwood Westerns that will leave you yearning for more gun-slinging adventure!


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