10 Awesome Operator Combos in Rainbow Six Siege

10 Awesome Operator Combos in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Synergy

Players itching for a strategic team-based shooter can enjoy more tactical FPS matches with Rainbow Six Siege, where two teams of five players pursue objectives in tight spaces where even the tiniest sound and movement can determine the outcome of a match. Similar to other FPS titles, Rainbow Six Siege tasks players on Operators that have unique toolkits desGameTopiced specifically to bring some sort of utility to the map.

However, unlike other shooters, the Rainbow Six entry demands more tactical finesse in the usage of these Operators. Grouped as either more aggressive Attackers or more protective Defenders, players need to learn how each Operator’s kit matches an offensive or defensive playstyle. Not only that, there’s the added layer of knowing which Operator kits mesh well with each other. In that regard, just which Operators work best with each other in Siege?

10 The Turtle Plant: Gridlock, Capitão, Montagne

Rainbow Six Siege

The turtle plant is one of the more technical planting styles for Attackers in a player’s Rainbow Six Siege experience, with Gridlock, Capitão, and Montagne being the most ideal Operators for such a setup. To do this, Capitão’s Tactical Crossbow can make an area difficult to navigate, courtesy of his damaging smoke (Asphyxiating Bolts) and smokescreens (Micro Smoke Grenades). Likewise, Gridlock’s Trax Stingers extend to cover an area like barbed wire, further securing a location.

It’s Montagne that pulls off the turtle plant after the duo secures angles. In order to pull this off, Montagne has to deploy his rather large Extendable Shield and crouch-walk with the back to the smoke until they get the prompt to plant. This takes a while to perfect, but being able to do this with Monty and his shield can secure a relatively safe site take.

9 Smoked Sights: Glaz, Capitão, Sens

Rainbow Six Siege

An attacking team’s success in Rainbow Six Siege gameplay is almost always dictated by how fast they eliminate the enemy team, especially with how Attackers shine in securing the site upon acquisition. Players who want to skip the objective and just go for the offense can enjoy Glaz, Capitão, and Sens for the sheer mayhem they can cause on the battlefield.

The key to this gameplay synergy is how Glaz has thermal sights courtesy of HDS Flip Sight, allowing him to see and target foes even through smoke. This plays well into the kits of the two other Operators, with Sens generating light-based distractions with the ROU Projector System and Capitão’s Tactical Crossbow capable of releasing both a damaging smoke cloud (Asphyxiating Bolts) and an ordinary smokescreen (Micro Smoke Grenades). On top of Glaz with a suppressor being able to frag enemies from afar, he can even ping quick opponents for Sens and Capitão to finish.

8 Burn It All: Goyo, Castle, Aruni, Kapkan

Rainbow Six Siege

Some people just want to watch the world burn, and some Operators in Rainbow Six Siege want to see it while still protecting their desGameTopicated sites. This focus on burn denial comes courtesy of Goyo, Castle, Aruni, and Kapkan, whose defensive capabilities combine to waste as much of the enemy’s time as possible with their hard-to-destroy kits. The main component of this team comp is Goyo’s Volcán Canisters and their ability to engulf an area in damaging flames for 20 seconds.

This comes as a last resort, however, as the rest of the team’s kit can be transformed to deny full site entry. Castle’s Armor Panels are completely bulletproof except for nine melee attacks and explosive damage. Meanwhile, Aruni’s Surya Laser Gate destroys projectiles that try to pass through it and can only be destroyed when properly targeted. Likewise, Kapkan’s EDD MKII Tripwires trigger explosions when enemies step on them. Players can easily zone off a site with these abilities while they fully defend another site, maximizing opponent irritation.

7 Full Lockdown: Mute, Bandit, Kaid, Jäger, Castle

Rainbow Six Siege

Players enjoying their Rainbow Six Siege gameplay who want a more merciless approach to defense can go full site lockdown, courtesy of Mute, Bandit, Kaid, Jäger, and Castle. This approach essentially secures the protection of a site from potential intrusions while giving them room to protect another site.

This combo works on the synergy of specific Operators. For instance, Mute’s GC90 SGameTopical Disruptors and Bandit’s Shock Wires can deny both breaches and pesky gadgets as they disable remotely-detonated devices while damaging metallic devices, respectively. Kaid’s Electroclaws can add to the mayhem by electrifying metallic gadgets, making them unideal to use. Meanwhile, Jäger’s ADS-MKIV Magpie can intercept grenades prior to detonation, essentially rendering long-ranged throwables useless. Lastly, Castle’s Armor Panels can bulletproof certain walls, blocking off an enemy’s path of entry.

6 Impossible Site: Kapkan, Ela, Frost

Rainbow Six Siege

In a tactical game like Rainbow Six Siege, the best Defenders don’t always excel on the retake – they make taking site close to impossible. This is the specialization of Kapkan, Ela, and Frost, as their selection of deployable traps makes it easier for the team to detect when foes try to force their way into a site and give them little time to reposition.

Each of these Operators does this in different ways, and activating their traps inside or close to the site can put Attackers in a messy situation. Kapkan’s EDD MKII Tripwires alone can deal damage to enemies when triggered, which can become deadlier when activated alongside Ela’s Grzmot Mines that also concuss opponents caught in the crossfire. Lastly, Frost’s Sterling MK2 LHTs or “Welcome Mats” incapacitate opponents in their effective range. When triggered, the rest of the Defenders can easily peek and take easy frags.

5 Block Surprise: Azami, Melusi, Tachanka, Echo

Rainbow Six Siege

Players who prefer to get more aggressive on the defense can enjoy their Rainbow Six Siege playthroughs with Azami, Tachanka, Melusi, and Echo. This composition relies on shutting down an area completely while blocking exits, trapping Attackers, and killing them before they even make an entrance. Echo’s role here is situational, with the Yokai Drone on the prowl for any flanks or stationary nearby for the tag.

Opposite Azami’s position is Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense which temporarily fazes opponents when triggered. As soon as the trap is activated, Tachanka can whip out his Shumikha Launcher and bounce off an incendiary grenade in the general direction of the opponent. Central to this mechanic is Azami, whose Kiba Barrier that expands into a bulletproof foam can block pathways – both natural and forced. Meaning, Azami blocks the opponent’s escape route as she swings in for the kill while they’re incapacitated.

4 Heavy Offense: Flores, Lion, Sens, Zofia, Gridlock

Rainbow Six Siege

Gamers who enjoy flashy theatrics in their Rainbow Six Siege gameplay may enjoy a combination of Flores, Lion, Sens, Zofia, and Gridlock. This team is hardwired for aggressive plays, beginning with Flores and his destructible RCE-RATERO Drone that has a 3-meter explosive radius that can effectively shut down electronics. Following up immediately is Lion, whose EE-ONE-D drone scans the map for enemy movement and pings them – something that usually happens when opponents scramble to regroup after the RATERO explosion.

Even if enemies stay careful, Sens has his ROU Projector that creates a light wall to secure enemy distractions. This is where Zofia comes in, as her KS79 Lifeline can dismantle the opponent’s chance to counter-attack with her Impact and Concussion Grenades. Lastly, Gridlock secures the perimeter, with her Trax Stingers securing the flank to avoid any pesky enemy roamers.

3 Lights And Sounds: Glaz, Sens, Dokkaebi, Lion, Thatcher

Rainbow Six Siege

Attackers on the prowl for quick kills in their Rainbow Six Siege matches can rely less on breaching sites and instead eliminate Defenders before they even pose a threat. They can do this with Glaz, Sense, Dokkaebi, Lion, and Thatcher, primarily with the way their skills synergize into generating pure chaos. Central to the kit is Glaz, whose exclusive thermal vision via his HDS Flip Sight is essential in eliminating opponents amid the chaos the rest of his teammates will provide.

Distractions begin with Sens, whose ROU Projector creates walls of light that Glaz’s sights can see through. This pairs well with the combination of Thatcher’s EG MKO-EMP Grenades that disables electronics in the area. For maximum devastation, Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb can cause phones to ring while Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans for enemy movement – and move they must if enemies want to shut down Logic Bomb’s effects. Even if Glaz doesn’t score the kills, the rest of the team can simply follow suit as the enemy team scrambles to resecure the advantage.

2 Standard Defense: Alibi, Azami, Solis, Kaid, Wamai

Rainbow Six Siege

Players who want a more all-rounder roster to secure the defense in any Rainbow Six Siege map can cover their bases with Alibi, Azami, Solis, Kaid, and Wamai. Alibi is the team’s main scout here, with her Prismas capable of releasing projections of herself that tag opponents who mess with her position. Theoretically, Alibi can use these projections to take enemies out or at least sGameTopical their position.

After Alibi’s roam, the rest of the Defenders come in with their synergies. Solis piggybacks on Alibi’s tagging with her SPEC-IO Electro Sensor capable of tagging and detecting all active electronic gadgets. Enemies detected heading towards any active site can be intercepted by the team. Azami’s Kiba Barrier can reinforce any vulnerable openings in the area, while Kaid’s Electroclaws can electrify metal objects and turn enemy utilities against them. In case of emergencies, Wamai’s Mag-NET can intercept projectiles that can destroy Kaid’s claws.

1 Standard Attack: Ace, Twitch, Jackal, Fuze, Sledge

Rainbow Six Siege

Gamers who don’t like complicated maneuvers in their Rainbow Six Siege gameplay can maintain a level of aggression by covering their bases. Ace, Twitch, Jackal, Fuze, and Sledge make for a decent roster of Attackers as they cover multiple opportunities to attack. Jackal covers the ground first, with his Eyenox Model III being able to spot enemy footprints and locate nearby enemies. This pairs well with Twitch, whose Shock Drones are capable of shocking enemies and disabling their gadgets.

Depending on enemies detected and devices disabled, the rest of the team can attack with the usual arsenal of Siege weapons. Ace is the standard breacher, with his SELMA Breaching Device capable of creating a wide opening that gives the team line of sight. On the other hand, Sledge has a Tactical Breaching Hammer that can do a similar breaching role with fewer chances of being remotely disabled, as he’s doing the smashing himself. Lastly, Fuze has his Matyroshka Cluster Charges that can destroy floors, windows, and walls that can secure other points of entry.

Rainbow Six Siege is playable on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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